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Winter Woonderland

Winter Woonderland

December 2, 2010
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December's masthead celebrates our new adventures in a new climate. Neither dog has ever experienced snow so it has been a blast taking in their delight and wonder at the powdery stuff. At first Juno seemed indifferent to the weather, but the more the snow falls, the more she seems to enchanted with it. She savors being belly-deep in the cool powdery heaven. Loki also continues to enjoy it, but less so when the temperatures drop into the very cold ranges. (Thank you all for the coat recommendations. I will purchase one or two this week for him.)

Another storm swept in last night and today causing the unfortunate and unusual closing of Geneva airport. TravelMarx were scheduled to leave but had to postpone a day. Good news for me, since one's a gourmet chef and one's a clean freak. I've never had such a clean house and full belly. We used the extra day to go to the Modern Art Museum in Geneva but that's another story.

Below are a couple of Travelmarx photos which inspired the header. As I poured through the Travelmarx's daily photos and discovered these untouched beauties below, I nagged them until they spilled their secrets on how to get such great shots.

Photo inspiring the header. One of the TravelMarx and I walking the dogs in farms in Denens and Tolochenaz.
Wild Dingo readers have seen these paths a 100 times in the past few months, but they haven't seen them like this!

The Morges harbor on one of our morning walks with the dogs.
I thought about using this as my header but I couldn't bring myself to photoshopping the dogs anywhere on it. It's too beautiful on its own.

 A tree in Morges that has these orange blossoms on it for real. The shot was taken just to highlight the orange blossoms.

Same tree, different angle. Orange is picked up in buildings behind it as well.


Ankle deep in Vufflens vineyards. Two days after the time of this photo, the snow in this area is knee-deep.
"Big Boy, what are the chances they drop these leashes and we can zoomie 'til the cows come home?"
"Did you say 'cows' Princess? And they're coming home with us?"

Just before the pig and goat farm down the road from this hay field.  Soft lighting technique to pick up the beige colors.
"Sigh. This cool white powder is heaven Big Boy!"
"Princess, do you think the pigs and goats are out today?"

Same shot in normal color shooting.
"Oh my dawg, I'm so high on white powder I'm about to explode. Where can I get some more of this stuff TravelMarx?"
"WTF Princess? You look like you need to take one of my anti-cracker vitamins today!"


A small tree-arched lined walking path in Lully.
Have you noticed by now that I mentioned 4 or 5 different villages? I'll bet you'd be surprised to know we cover that many in one 90-minute walk! Hm. Did I mention the villages are small here?

The trees above seem to be joined together as one living being but with two different large root bases.

Same tree, different lighting.

It's been 20 years since I've lived in a snow-winter environment and it feels odd. I've never been a fan of the snow, mainly because I don't like the cold. The older I got, the less important it was for me to have snow-filled holidays.  But so far, with a Siberian who belongs in it and a GSFMD who seems to go cracker for it, and the right clothing, I can't complain. It's simply gorgeous here after a new snow fall. And while I have absolutely no interest in skiing, I am looking forward to some snow activities such as snow-shoeing or perhaps cross country skiing.

Then again, ask me again in February how I feel about the snow.

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17 comments on “Winter Woonderland”

  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing them. In addition to a coat, would also recommend "mushers secret" for the paws of both dogs - especially if walking on salted paths. it's a paste that comes in a jar used by musher's in the ididerod. much easier than dog boots.

  2. Oh Juno!

    Woo are a natural!

    I SO hope woo will keep enjoying it fur me until I khan get some of my own here in Pawsylvania!

    PeeEssWoo: GREAT PIKHS!!!!!!!

  3. Heh. I hear you about the snow; I've been a die-hard skier for 20 years, but in the last few years, I've become less enchanted with freezing my butt off. (The winter we spent in Arizona 2 years ago, when we could cycle in short-sleeved jerseys in January? Heaven.) The husband, however, is a serious ski racer, and won't ever be convinced to give up winter. So I've invested in lots of hand warmers.... The dogs love the snow, too, and LOVE to go hiking. Luckily, a lot of the public trails around here are groomed so we don't have to wear snowshoes when we take them on their hikes. Of course, there is plenty of snowshoeing available for when we are of the mind... Anyway, here's to hoping that you enjoy the snow, or that winter doesn't last very long! 😉

    -Dr. Liz

  4. We wondered about the travel arrangements when we heard about all the airport closings. You not only have great cooks and cleaners, those are some more awesome photos. Any way you can entice them to stay? 🙂

    We hear that we are not due to have much snow this winter, very sad indeed.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Those photographs are amazing. I never used to be that interested in photography, always been a point and shoot kind of gal, but blogging about my dog has changed everything. Now I'm kind of wishing I had some actual skills.

    I am also still wishing for some snow. Nothing here yet, just rain, rain, and more rain. Not very winter festivity-like if you ask me.

  6. Very cool to hear the photography hints... I love the arched trees and especially the views from below.

    Snow, snow, snow. I have a love/hate relationship with it, mainly because it goes on so long here (biggest storms in April). I hope that you learn to love it because I predict that it will turn your dogs into puppies, like it does to mine every single time we have a big snowfall!

  7. Awesome photos! You have some really gorgeous shots there. one of the best things about owning a husky is that its fun to watch somebody enjoying the cold weather & snow. Makes the long winters more bearable.

    I had hoped we'd have more snow by moving East, but have discovered that the ocean actually keeps the surrounding area several degrees warmer than inland during the winter. Less snow. But, it does keep us several degrees cooler in the summer, which is nice!

    ~the biped's mom typing today, as the pups have mud all over their paws.
    Can you guess what kind of weather we're having?

  8. "...looking forward to some snow activities such as snow-shoeing or perhaps cross country skiing." You've forgot to mention snow shoveling.

    Booti-ful photos, we love it! And glad the dogs are enjoying the snow!!!


    PS: If you are still interested, this is the right time to plant tulip, snowdrop and narcissus bulbs in your garden. Snowdrop will bloom at the first sign of spring followed by Narcissus and tulips will bloom around May. Just a thought.

  9. We'll join the chorus: beautiful photos! Miles better than mama's "point, shoot & pray" variety. Looks like you've passed the Southern snow-over-ice and moved firmly into the snow that fuels the CH winter sports industry.

    Love the "espace privee" button in one of Loki's earlier photos. Where do you find those? We'd like to order a gross for Mango.

    If Mrs. WD [who are we kidding? If Mr. WD] decides to take Homer's advice and dig through 2 feet of snow to plant bulbs for the spring, do post the photos! Juno & Loki might help with the digging, if you make it worth their while.

    Jed & Abby

  10. Gorgeous photo's!!! We all love the snow (humans included) so would be very happy there! There's just nothing more beautiful than watching it snow!

    Maybe you could try skijoring with the pups!


  11. Loved the photos.

    Isn't it wonderful being able to walk to all these wonderful villages? I loved climbing in the alps. After about ever hour of walking, we'd arrive at another town to relax before setting out again to reach the Eigler glacier.

    Switzerland is a very cool place!

  12. Yeah I'm no fan of cold or snow. I like to have one snow a year, but not all the time. That would be miserable. I'm glad you're enjoying it and I hope you get to go cross country skiing. That sounds like so much fun and I totally want to see pictures!

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