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When It's Hard to Say "Goodbye"

How lucky are we to know someone like Jim and his pack who are so hard to say goodbye to?

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Norstar Lights Up Nitwit

Thank you Norwoood and Debi, for our Norstar! We use it to light up Nitwit Bridge. It reminds us to stay nutty because life really is just a bowl of funballs!.

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Goodbye My Friend

Goodbye my friend, Norwood.  I am honored to have met and known you. I will always giggle as I fondly remember how you challenged me to find new and creative ways to use "Harry Funballs" in a sentence. We will miss you but will carry on your legacy to get outdoors every day and bounce. […]

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Boy Toy

It's beautiful, sunny, shorts and short-sleeve weather in March. It must be California. There's our boy, caught between his two favorite bitches.

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A Love Story

"Hello handsome! My name is Lily!" Sometimes I think Loki is oblivious to the power of his suave, striking good looks over the (insert Barry White voice) ladies.

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In the Fur

For those 3 readers not following the other 3 readers who follow us on Facebook, here's a little piece of news: Mr. Wild Dingo and I got to meet some very famous Internet celebrities, in the FUR! Last week, we met up with Norwood and his bean along with Jack, Moo and their hu-mom. What […]

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For Roo

"Yum! Tastes like chicken!" "Princess, that was the chicken treat mom just advanced paid us for modeling work." We'll miss your clownish antics and zest for all things construction. May North of the Rainbow Bridge be filled with yellow tractors---all for you.

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The Path to Friendship Begins with a Walk

I meet the nicest people, and sometimes my closest friends, when I'm walking or hiking with the dogs. From the start, you've already got something in common: sharing a passion for the great outdoors with canine companions.

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If She Only Knew

Mona, the beagle, gazes adoringly at the tall-eared, dark and handsome fella. She dreams of spending quiet evenings alone with her gallant knight. Love is blind. Juno would be happy to unload him for a few days. If she only knew.

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When I first adopted Loki, his foster gave me a list of words and commands he understood. "Mine" was one of them.  Basically, he understood the difference between what belonged to her and what he could have. Like most GSDs, Loki enjoys possessing things but never puts up a fight when told something doesn't belong to him. And […]

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