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Equine Friendly? You Be the Judge...

Equine Friendly? You Be the Judge...

February 8, 2011
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While Juno was at the vets all day yesterday getting an MRI, Loki and I spent some quality time together. It was a 90% off-leash training walk for 2 hours at the farms among plenty of distractions. The weather was gorgeous so there were plenty of people, farm workers, livestock and dog walkers out. He was so shocked at first, and didn't know what to make of it, without his Juno. At first he refused to leave my side, but after he got the hang of what we were doing, he settled in and had a fun time.  The only exception I made for him being leashed was within any close walking distance to other dogs and of course close by the live stock. Better safe than sorry! He did me proud and played all the recall and down-stay games I threw at him and I gave him plenty of free time in return.

"I'm not looking! Is he looking at me? I swear I'm NOT gonna look!"

Prior to the photo above, we came across the group of horses in the field.

"Hey, I know you guys!"

Five months ago, I couldn't get within 1000 feet of horses without him going cracker. Seriously. Not a peep this time.

No that's not a dead horse. This group is so very playful and often frolic and jump around. This horse was on the ground itching his back.

As he got up, Loki got a little excited and yipped but it was happy so I knew he wasn't nervous. A quick reminder to be quiet and he was polite again as we passed.

"Hey handsome fella! Did you know equine ryhmes with canine? Maybe we're related?"

"He WAS looking at me! I KNEW it!"

We played a ton of recall games in and out of play and a few recall from a down stay.

Yup, that is the RM waaaaay back there!

The first sign of his recall, and he's up!


"Oh my dawg! That was so fun. I wasn't sure if you were gonna leave me there all day or what! Thank dawg and praise cheeses you called me!"

Every recall ended in a "high touch" partly to get his lard-ass moving and burning some calories and partly because it's a reward for him, sort of like a "high-five" is for people. He'll do a high-touch just because.

He did me proud yesterday and because of it, we'll be doing many more off-leash walks here in safe areas.

Now for cooking news. Here's a little ditty I cooked up last week:

Chicken Scaloppine, with tomatoes and capers (and probably some wine, I can't remember) and a mushroom risotto.  Mr. Wild Dingo is starting to say stuff like "I'm really glad I married you" lately. I wonder why?


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18 comments on “Equine Friendly? You Be the Judge...”

  1. RM...you are AWESOME..
    Dinner looks delicious. You should start putting your recipes on FB in a special folder for the rest of us to make weak attempts at copying your wonderful sounding dishes.

  2. Nice work, RM!!! (Heehee. We love that name!) And, so, Mr. Wild Dingo didn't initially marry you for your cooking, huh? 😀

    -Dr. Liz (the girls are sacked out from a tough afternoon playing in the new snow... and I'm a little tired from a tough morning playing in the new snow... *grin*)

  3. Mmm that risotto looks so good! You're going to have to add a recipe page to the blog! I have never made a risotto before... they seem so... intimidating.

    Good job to Loki! Equine and Canine... he's taking over Ammy's job as the jokster!

  4. Ummm... Is Mr. Wild Dingo burning off those extra calories with extra recalls, too?

    There is just something about Loki that always makes me smile! That boy's work ethic is incredible!

  5. Loki did great with all those horses. We have to do tons of horse training when our dogs are young. Fortunately, we have a super dog-friendly horse who lives almost next door. We take trail walks with her horse and our dogs off-leash...

    Great recalls! Loki rocks. I bet the pounds (or kilos) will melt off!

    You're almost inspiring me to be interested in cooking... but not quite - I've always been a "food is fuel" type of person. I'm very impressed by your amazing creations!

    BTW, you were right on about why our dogs are on leash for "business outings". The most dangerous time for wildlife-dog encounters is the first steps out of the door. As soon as the wildlife hear us emerging from the house, they flee. But, they might be right outside the door when we emerge (that's happened before - a coyote was standing within 10 meters of the door!). So, we have an absolutely unbreakable rule that we leash the dogs for potty breaks.

  6. WE LOVE LOKI! Loki reminds me of my McIver- especially the part about not wanting to leave your side at first. These male shepherd dogs, I just ADORE them. The loyalty is just amazing! I'll have to teach McIver the high touch. It sounds fun!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  7. Can I marry you too? 😉

    Loki was so good with those horses. Honey has never really been near horse much and usually with a fence between them so I have no idea how she'd react! I usually worry about her doing somethign stupid like trying to sniff it's rear end and getting a kick in the face in the process! 🙄


  8. Hmmm.... RH, RM ... is there a new club in town?

    Mr. WD married you for your intelligence, wit, beauty and Old Soul. Your adaptable willingness to come over to the Dark [or at least the meat] Side and learn to cook was just a bonus. He might ask what he brought to the table.

    Jed & Abby

  9. Hi Wild Dingo,
    I'm looking forward to the cheese. It's actually funny that the sponsor of my price next door is living. I then walk's go already. Where do we meet?
    Do you speak German too?

    Lots of love

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