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Justice Has a Righteous Crib

Justice Has a Righteous Crib

February 4, 2011
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February's masthead is dedicated to justice. And why wouldn't it? Dispensing justice is a way of life here at Wild Dingo. With Loki's cujo-cracker behavior, Juno's regular mastications and my daily skillet beatings, err, training sessions, it's a regular San Chillon here. Ever since we discovered chateaus themed in justice dispensing here in Switzerland, the dog's have been petitioning  for their very own chateau. Afterall, shouldn't they have the appropriate digs that 16th century justice-dispensers had? Unfortunately, they just don't make quality justice-dispensing homes anymore.  And unless we hit the Swiss lottery, it's unlikely we'll buy a chateau.

As Juno would say:  "Justice is a dish best served from a Siberian..."

... Unless it's Pasta e Fagioli...

... Then it's best served to a Siberian."

NB: Daily portions have been cut down to accomodate their traditional taste for a bite or two of our dinner and their need to lose a little weight. Both dogs are cross with me. I'm pretty sure they are scheming many ways to dispense justice on me for making them diet.

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13 comments on “Justice Has a Righteous Crib”

  1. woooo noooo daily portions need to go up we think, its winter and cold and you burn lots of calories no need for portions to go down 😉



    I heartily approve. Given that CL is busy working on a justice demon story for an upcoming horror anthology, I suspect she supports our enthusiasm. Hard to tell. She has the writer's glaze and alpha loopiness going on, right now...she is even forcing the neighborhood kids to run with me, to "trim that fat arse!" Your fabulous pasta would be highly regulated in our household,..


    Perhaps we can plan for some CL-centric justice this month?

    Miss you!
    (especially the STUD)

    (and my Crazy Lady)

  3. Phantom is drooling here - he would so enjoy that pasta e fagioli even if his tummy would revolt. The Pest here would love to share a castle with Juno and Loki.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. I think I just saw four dogs here pack their bags and start looking for transport to Switzerland! They all assure me that they won't mind being on a diet AT ALL! I might hide in one of thier suitcases...

  5. Justice - a topic dear to our hearts. An essential concept to any mammalian society, not just humans. Of course, while we all deserve justice, what we all crave is mercy.

    Jed & Abby

  6. Oh my goodness, Loki & Juno - I'm not surprised you'r both getting "junk in your trunks"....who wouldn't be scoffing all that delicious food your human is making??!! I'll bet you're helping yourself to seconds (and thirds and fourths) when she isn't looking - hee! hee! 😉

    Honey the Great Dane

  7. We are so stunned we don't even know what to say. I mean, just LOOK at those yummy dinners! We're much more abused than we ever imagined. Its time to dispense some justice around here too.

    Jack the Just & Miss Moo

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