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Juno's Jodhpurs Revisited

Juno's Jodhpurs Revisited

February 2, 2011
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"I will tolerate you if I must."

Whenever Mr. Wild Dingo walks in on Juno when she is belly-up, she immediately flips over into her defensive position. You see, in Juno's eyes, Mr. Wild Dingo is the evil man who is going to steal her gumdrop nose. He is to be disdained.  So much so, that sometimes when he walks up to her after petting Loki, she will most certainly let him know how he's offended her with a very loud Siberian growl-groan.  He must never, ever give the boy attention first, or better yet, give him any attention at all within her presence.  Then she submits to his attentions. But on the rare occasion she allows him a belly rub and it must be documented for historical purposes.

"Absolutely under no circumstances will I kiss you." (Ah Juno, you sound like all the women in his life.)

Juno went to visit the orthopedic surgeon today. He's not convinced of a diagnosis. Like the holistic vet, he sees there is a problem in her low spine, which is common for dogs with hip dysplasia, but he wants to know exactly what it is. He felt there is no sense proceeding or even discussing surgery until we have a better diagnosis. This has been my biggest fear since I got here. When everyone saw the x-rays they saw a little compression in the sacral joint but rather than look further, the holistic vet just chose to treat for hip dysplasia as well as for pain in the low spine. Nobody, but this orthopedic surgeon, recommended an MRI and neurology exam. I'm thrilled he recommended that and I'm very happy to proceed.  There are some other indications of neurology issues but they are too private to discuss for a princess like Juno.  Ahem--all girls need a little privacy, right? Especially in the powder room.

On another note, she's up to 65 pounds!  It seems Juno has a bit of junk in her jodhpurs too. Though nobody says she's fat, thank dog! (Can you imagine the siberian wrath?) Ideally, I like to maintain her between 58-60 pounds.

So I call the neurologist tomorrow for an MRI and Jenny for her meals.   Here we go...

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18 comments on “Juno's Jodhpurs Revisited”

  1. I'm glad that the surgeon decided to look further and not jump to the immediate conclusion. I'm hopeful that they will find something out.

    Oh, and btw Juno, that is lovely pin-up shot...it might get hung up in my kennel...

  2. The MRI sounds like a good idea - more information is better, in my opinion. (And as I've said before, this sounds a lot like Gary's back issue - causes him constant pain, but the neurologist won't operate because he doesn't see 'significant impingement of the spinal cord' and because he's not sure that surgery will improve his quality of life.... *sigh*... We'll keep thinking you positive thoughts - you know, like actually being able to diagnose something...)

    Heh. Love the pictures!!! (Are you going to get a stone sculpture carved to memorialize the event? If so, I'd suggest a tastefully placed leaf - they look very artistic when carved in stone! ;-)) Heehee.

    -Dr. Liz (the girls are at daycare because it's FREEZING - well, below 0 actually, here...)

  3. Miss Juno! I am happy that you are going to get a full diagnosis even though it means getting the sleepy gas and going in the MRI.

    And I think your bottom looks just perfect. MWD should be honored that you allow him to rub your belly.


  4. Sounds like a great vet - be sure before you cut. Hope the MRI shows a fixable issue or none would be even better.

    None of the pups here have any trouble going belly up for a tummy rub, even Phantom IF he is in the mood.

    TD says Juno is catching up to him at 68!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Woos, what a lovely belly! It is indeed an honor to be allowed to rub it, we hope Mr. Wild dingo realizes this.
    The ortho vet sounds very sensible, best to gather all info you can before submitting to surgery! Wooo, 65 lbs??? You've caught up to Jack, better slow down a little, Juno, woo don't want to outgrow your jodhpurs!

    jack & moo

  6. Sounds like a great course of action!
    Juno's pictures make me think of a funny story. Once we were at a friends house who was dog sitting a husky... and he flipped over and I was giving him belly rubs and rubbed his privates! I forgot I was petting a boy dog and not a girl dog! ahahahahahha

  7. I'd rather go through an MRI than unnecessary surgery. I am glad to hear that the vet wants to look at all her options.

    As far as her modesty goes, hey, you know Khyra had a flower strategically placed! I thought a princess like Juno would be vagazzled! 😛

  8. Eager to hear the MRI results. Looks like that Continental cooking is getting to both dogs. Maybe slightly smaller portions of the good stuff? Or maybe they're actually building muscle mass with all the country walks; muscle weighs much more than fat, you know. Did Mr. WD get a slurp on the nose? We were expecting that to be the next photo.

    Jed & Abby

  9. Wooo great news that someone at last is suggesting further investigations. We here will be keeping our paws crossed.
    Oh and I agree Juno that its important that a Sibe gets all the attention or at least is seen to first 🙂

  10. That sounds like a great plan - an MRI will tell you a ton.

    I think that I commented once (but I'm not sure) that my SAR dog, who is now deceased, had hip dysplasia that caused her to rotate her spine too much when she walked. She ended up unable to walk due to the spine rather than the hips. In any case, I think that it's great to get all the info that you can before charging forward...

    Funny, everyone in our house is too skinny right now. We're blaming it on the cold. Our vet told us to *double* R's rations for now. We wondered how big a bribe he gave her to convince her to day that!

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