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Look Who's Woo-in' Now

Look Who's Woo-in' Now

March 28, 2011
Posted in: Dogs | Reading Time: 1 minute

Looks like Juno found her Inner Woo!

Click on video, "The Woo Within" below to hear her sing.   (Warning: turn down the volume if at work!)

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18 comments on “Look Who's Woo-in' Now”

  1. Thank heavens Corrie & Finn never did that! We were just a few blocks from Lothian & Borders police headquarters & close to two hospitals, so they'd have been wooing all day! Loved that massively deep woo from Loki in response to hearing their own voices.

  2. Oh my Dog! That's what it sounds like at our house, only it's Kaya who starts the woo and Luca chimes in with his little yips and whines. We actively encourage their singing whenever it happens!

  3. We all came racing from our naps to see where all the wooing was:) Is that a first for Juno? She is a wonderful woo-er - so sweet!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Haha I had all five howling when they heard this, plus the birds started screaming! Vushki was staring at the speakers tilting his head from side to side... Is that my buddy Loki???? Where is he is he in that little speaker???

  5. Fortunately, Jack just looks at the vehicles as they go by. It's almost like he's wondering why the car is making that much noise!

  6. Whoa, is that high-pitched yippee-woo really coming from Loki? Oh dear, he really needs some instruction. Keep it up Juno, maybe he'll drop that woo an octave or two and sound like a real he-dog!

    Miss Moo

  7. The woo within the woo within the woo LOL! I cracked up. They both have gorgeous voices although Loki's high pitched woo would probably give me a headache after a while. Juno has a deep voice! Storm has a girly, sissy bark, but a deep, gorgeous howl. 🙂 Good job Juno finding your inner woo. Oh I don't think I ever mentioned that the donkey braying sets both of mine off. Jackal has finally learned to howl too. Unfortunately I can't get video because he stops when he sees me. 🙂 I'll keep trying.

  8. Oh my! Way to go you two! Juno sounds wonderful and Loki...well, Loki sounds like one of those yappitizer cracker dogs. But, don't worry too much about it! Khady sounds like a screaming hyena. I think that just calls for more practice!!!


  9. wooooo Loki thats a high pitched woooing going on. Great to see your not shy about this, we always stop when the hu'parents find us woooing. They only get the end of us 😉

  10. Love it!!! Especially where they are wooing to their own woos in the video! My five break out into woos at least several times a day, my neighbors all call it "singing." If you heard them, you might not agree! But we all love the woos!!!

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