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March 30, 2011
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There's a new breed of Husky in town--the Hydroberian!  Juno's back on the water treadmill as she was same time last year. As expected, she's not too pleased about it. But we're all pleased with the results!

"Yeah, I know the drill. Woo torture the husky by drowning her jodhpurs. And I walk the hydroplank. "

"Madame Gauthier seems like a nice lady. But don't let her fool you. She enjoys torturing poor huskies."

"Hydrotherapy? My jodphurs don't need hydrotherapy. I will get even with you Madame Gauthier. Woo shall see!"

"All I need is a cavalier I can run with like I did last month. That fella and his nice horse were great company for an afternoon jog!"

"This is a long workout. Pass me an energy bar!"

Juno's had 6 hydro-treadmill sessions. She's made huge improvements and she's better than I've seen her in the 2.5 years I've had her. Some of it due to the three-times weekly jogging in addition to the treadmill. This particular treadmill PT is slightly different than last years as Juno's PT, Madame Gauthier, recommends going slower rather than faster. She has much better range of motion in her back legs than I've ever seen before. After last year's treadmill therapy I assumed letting her run at her own pace was good enough exercise on off-leash hikes. Not so. Forcing Juno to "jog" rather than run or walk for a specific interval of time is exactly the motion she needs.  Now her normal walking gait has less waddling.

Her back leg muscles are huge now. I can actually feel them. She's so much more stable on all surfaces and rarely wipes out which was once common for her. She's much more playful with Loki, jumping more and laying straight down on her belly with both hips at full flexion rather than plopping instantly to one side. She sits squarely much more often than sitting to one hip. She also scratches her ears and shoulders with her back legs like a normal dog. I've never once seen her do this as long as I've had her.

After last year's treadmill workouts she always needed acupuncture to deal inflamation and muscle soreness from the workout. But that's not necessary now probably due to the gold beads doing their thing in keeping inflammation away. Madame Gauthier also has noticed she's gaining longer leg movements and is less stiff each session.  While the gold beads alone weren't enough, they make PT much easier this time around.

Instead of bicycling each dog seperately, I'm now trail-running off-leash with them a few times per week, so I can combine my workout with theirs. I can tell the bike helps more because uninterrupted interval of repeated trotting is better for muscle building. We'll go back to biking them again soon when they are more predictable around horses.

Here's the video of a recent water torture, err, therapy session.

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18 comments on “Hydroberian”

  1. Yep. Looks like water torture in a box! 😉 Glad to hear that she's doing so much better! And I was going to add a longer comment, but I've got two dogs giving me the 'stink-eye' to take them outside into the snow. 😉

    -Dr. Liz

  2. It always scares me to think of riding a bike with Jack running beside. I can just see the carnage when something catches his attention and he wants to go one way while I'm going the other!

  3. That looks way too much like a bath box to us, Juno - but we are glad it is helping you. Thunder wants to know if you got any of those bunnies - he thinks the water torture might be worth a lapin or two.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Did woo get a post-walking laps lapin? No??? Well then its definitely water-torture! We're furry happy to hear woo are behaving ever-more Siberian….. now don't forget about those tasty Danskos…..we haven't!

    jack & moo

  5. I love how her tail is propped up out of the water! 😛 I guess as little water on the princess as possible is best. I see that look on her face, though! Perhaps an end to the Danskos is in sight!

    It's so good to hear that she's feeling so much better, though!

  6. It takes some mighty muscles to wear this pantyloons -

    Too bad woo nevFUR got to feel how toned I am 😉

    Go Juno!

    Allez Allez!!


  7. Harrrr Matey Juno
    Glad that moving water plank is doing well for ye Harrrr. good luck Harrrr.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  8. You know, Juno, all those fancy schmantsie human spas in places like Scottsdale have those in-pool treadmill things. Woo are truly a Princess. AND we're so glad you're doing so much better!

  9. Wow...Juno sure is gorgeous. What a lucky girl, even if she doesn't realize it, to get hydrotherapy and wonderful walks. I love your analysis of how much better she is doing since you adopted her! She really is lucky to have such a great mom! Sigh...she has the most beautiful eyes.

    Have you ever thought of doing one of the "joring" activities with your two pups? I've done a lot of skijoring, bikejoring, hikejoring (aka canicross), and even scooterjoring with my crew...especially with the two Guppies (labs) who need more exercise than our older shepherds.

    Having them attached to me and teaching them to stay right in front of me at a nice jog is simply wonderful-great exercise for all of us and I love the lack of stress-their prey drive makes having them off leash simply too dangerous.

    When our pack of rescued dogs was bigger (9 large and rambunctious yahoos) I used to take them out in groups of 3 hooked up to me and jog a few miles each time before coming home to swap to the next crew. It was quite the adventure, let me tell you!

    Sending some slurps and snuggles to Loki and Juno from Colorado!
    Sue and the crew

  10. Finally getting caught up on your posts! Juno sounds like she is doing really well and making great progress. It's nice to hear that she is more her old self again too and able to play, etc more comfortably. I agree - she IS a very lucky girl to have all this dedicated attention & therapy lavised on her!

    BTW, sorry I haven't responded to both your emails yet - just have to clear some things off my plate and meet a few deadlines first!


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