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Everything is Oh-Quai!

Everything is Oh-Quai!

April 2, 2011
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Thanks to the TravelMarx for the pun, I have my theme for April. Actually it couldn't be more fitting. As Mr. Wild Dingo and I continue to massacre the French language, we are forgetting how to speak English. The French use the verb "faire" (to do or to make) quite a bit as in "faire cuire," which literally translates "to do or make cooking."

The other day, when I was just finishing a load of laundry, Mr. Wild Dingo had commented he was out of socks.  I told him, "I'm making socks in the dryer."

The sad part:  he understood exactly what I meant.

Loki and Juno wait for their ship to come in on the Morges Quay.
Casino restaurant is in the background.

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13 comments on “Everything is Oh-Quai!”

  1. Nice down-stays!! And to quote Mango -- Loki you could see those ears from space. Actually I think I can see them here in California! Vous avez les chiens tres formidable!! (Yep, 5 years of French while living 30 minutes from the Mexican boarder. I'm an excellent planner...)

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Soon nobody will understand you and we will see you and MWD on reality TV communicating in your own secret language.


  3. Dear Juno and Loki

    Would woo like me to try and get woo into the khanine protekhtion programme?

    Your In Pantyloons Solidarity,

  4. I'm with everyone else. Making socks would be a huge money maker since they usually vanish from the dryer!


  5. Yup, a dryer that made matching pairs of socks would be a gold mine. Can woo believe - sometimes we even get blamed for missing socks? Like we'd have any use for them….

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