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Protest Rally of One

Protest Rally of One

May 30, 2011
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Last week I brought Loki and Juno for a trial test day at Bernard's kennel. Let's face it. The place is a dog luxury spa. It has a huge garden to romp in. There are no cages. Dogs have access to the garden and house all day long and they sleep in the house. They go on long off-leash walks in the country with Bernard and his dog and  they get to behave like dogs. Juno passed the test with flying colors.

And Loki?

Well, Bernard was brutally honest with me. While he got along with all the dogs, it was touch and go for a few hours. Loki protested for two hours, scratching the doors and trying to jump the 8-foot fence. I swear on my secret stash of Lindt chocolate bars that I saw Loki's head pop up over that 8-foot fence three times as I drove off.  Bernard said he almost called me at 10 a.m. to tell me it wasn't going to work. But then Loki calmed and cuddled with Bernard and all was well.

This week we head off to Provence for a short holiday and leave the dogs at Bernard's spa. It pains me, but it will be good for him. He needs to learn to stand on his own four paws. He's lucky to have Juno and Marley, their new hiking pal, staying there at the same time.

In the end Bernard said, "Juno is sweet, a little shy and not dominant. Loki was very nervous when you left, but he is not dominant." Yeah. Right, Bernard.

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8 comments on “Protest Rally of One”

  1. Loki is just a big momma's dog, let's face it. Hopefully Juno can help him man up and enjoy his time at camp.


  2. Enjoy Provence! It's booti-ful and I'm sure Loki will be... erm...Loki?

    Did you get your DSLR? Did you sign up for photography courses?

    Give Loki and Juno a big hug for me please.

    V aka The Missus

  3. Have a wonderful trip! Take lots of photographs... It may be good for Loki to have some time away... It sounds like the perfect spot! Be safe...

  4. Heehee. Did you really expect any less of Loki? (I mean, really - he's got to live up to that name of his!) I'm with Mango on this one - Loki is just a total momma's boy. 🙂 But at least your mentals will have a break for a bit! 😛

    Oh yeah, and take lots of pictures so I can spend more time telling you how much I hate you! 😉 (You know I'm kidding when I say that, right?!?)

    -Dr. Liz

  5. It may be tough on him for the first few hours, but if he is with Juno, and Bernard is so tuned in to him, he will be fine. Great experience for both of you. Relax and enjoy your trip.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Mama is in total sympathy with Loki; she had the exact same reaction the first time she was forced to go to summer camp as a child. She survived; so will Loki. Of course, he may be pretty cling-y by the time you get home from France. Or you may get the cold shoulder. We can't wait to see which.

    Have a fun trip! Looking forward to seeing all your gorgeous photos.

    Jed & Abby

  7. Maybe you could make a tape of yourself talking to Loki and leave it at the spa.
    Loki would certainly love to watch mommy on TV.

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