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Vet of the Year

Congratulations to our favorite vet and friend, Hilary Wheeler for winning PetPlan's Veterinarian of the Year Award in early February. (I may, or may not have sent this photo to the judges with an "offer" to send the cracker to "speak" to them on your behalf of your outstanding qualities.) We're so proud of you! Even […]

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What the What?

To me, in the world of blogging, there's nothing more uninteresting than a post explaining why the writer hasn't posted in a while. The point of a blog is to write something interesting, right? And nothing is more boring than how I spent the last 2 months battling a relapse of Babesiosis. To make a long […]

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Cracker Versus Crow

It was a beautiful morning. The dogs and I made our rounds around the property doing our daily chores. I cleaned the dog yard while Juno hunted for moles. Loki ran his daily perimeter check and implemented his standard pre-emptive strike, barking along the fence line to warn away any critters creeping too closely. The […]

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The Best Kind of Mess

"Essscusuuuzzze me? What exactly did my pal Jim say about me?" A few weeks ago, we ran into one of Loki's biggest fans Jim, not once, but twice in one weekend. Jim was one of the first people who not only didn't shriek or flee when he first met the cracker, but laughed and delighted […]

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Some Kind of Cracker

I don't say it often enough, but I love this dog more than words can say. Last month, I lost the cracker and criminal on a forest run. Before you panic, I’ll just skip to the end and tell you both were found and everything is OK. And before readers claim “Never let a Sibe […]

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Reluctant Roommate

"Princess, this crate's not big enough for two dogs." About a  month or two ago, Loki suddenly developed a deep fear of his crate. He's gone through highs and lows with his crate but for the most part, he loves his crate, because we played tons and tons of crate games before moving to Switzerland. […]

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Bring It

"Dude! I swear. I was just bustin' your crank!" "If you can dish it out, you'd better take it little man!"

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What's a Little Rumble Among Strangers?

"Come a little closer Dollface, so I can get my kicks every-which way bitey." Don't be fooled readers. Juno brought this on. She flirted with this sweet gentle giant for quite some time.

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Head Games

"Wait a minute. Princess, something's wrong. Someone's missing! Where is Mom?" "Big boy, the only person I'm searching for is the Ice Cream man. We are downtown Morges after all."

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Reason #987 Why Puppies Shouldn't Play with Crackers

"Hey Loki, I'm gonna annoy you until I win and you will bow to my cuteness!"

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