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Was it Something I Said?

Was it Something I Said?

May 5, 2011
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Loki and Juno are forging new friendships and found a great hiking pal in Marley who is also an American ex-pat. We got together with Marley and his Mom for a hike in the parks and hills above Lausanne at Chalet Gobet. Ah gee! Another chalet and another set of gorgeous parks and woods to hike through. Sometimes our biggest challenge is just picking the hike for the day.  The choices are astounding.

Loki left plenty of "Loki wuz here" pee-mail.  The grounds around the chalet were amazing and so easy to drive to. Parking was a breeze and free!

I didn't think we'd run into any horses on the trails but I should know better. So I was thrilled to see all dogs recall when we ran into a horseback rider who was leading another a rider-less horse next to him. I breathed a huge sigh of relief as both my dogs stayed calm as the two horses and rider passed just 15 feet away from us. Then Loki let out a few yips of excitement but having Marley there, cool, calm and collected sure helped him figure out to behave.

Marley was a perfect hiking pal and gentleman with Juno. Even Loki couldn't help but like his sweet gentle manners and after a half hour of hiking together, Loki gave him an invitation to play.

By the end of the hike, all three were pretty good pals and patiently posed for a photo-opp.  But Marley is a smart dog and likely he's read all about the cracker's transgressions online so he quickly high-tailed it out of there. I can't say I blame him!

"Hey Marley! Pal! Where you goin'? Was it something I said?"
"Daddy-O, seems your reputation precedes you! Even International K9's have the 411 on you."

I'm just happy Loki didn't unleash "the cracker" on his first hiking date.


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10 comments on “Was it Something I Said?”

  1. You know, you people with your grass and your sunny skies and your flowers and stuff are really starting to cheese me off. 😉

    Um. Nevermind. Just scratch that first bit. Happy hiking! 🙂

    -Dr. Liz (who spend 30 minutes this morning washing/drying/brushing mud out of Abby.... I think I'm going to see how I can enter the witness relocation program so I can start a new life! :-D)

  2. Marley sounds like he was the perfect gentleman hound. And Juno, what is wrong with you, girl? You let 2 horses go by without giving chase??? You must have been showing off for Marley, we'll forgive your Siberian transgression this time.

  3. Yahoo, a new friend and the prospect of future hikes and play dates! Well done, Juno & Loki. And Marley. It makes us happy to see you happy. And YAY for respecting the horses!

    Jed & Abby

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