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Dating Tips

Dating Tips

June 25, 2011
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Here are two dating tips just in time for summer romances and for our friend Mango who's about to escort a lucky lady on a dream date.



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12 comments on “Dating Tips”

  1. hey loki are on the money!.. could woo do a few more don'ts.. like passing gasballs and don't forget who you're on a date with- no matter how much funballs nordude is.

    just sayin. from a girls who had the live date version.


  2. Huh? That looks a bit confusing... so DO rip up roses from Master's flower beds because, why, gals like hooligans? And don't share slobbers or show off your stringers? Now how can I ever manage that?


  3. HAHAHAHA!! Loki, I'd go on a virtual date with YOU!! Who can resist those eyes?? As I pointed out to the Mango, I've got two brothers. I am NOT a drool/lipstick priss. Girls just wanna have fun!! Besides, if someone gave me a rose, I'd probably get a thorne in my tongue...

    Hope you and Miss Juno are having fun this weekend!!


  4. Heehee. Although part of the fun of going on a date with Mango would be trying to avoid the drool. (Or so we're telling ourselves!) However, you seem to have confused the RH...

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  5. Excellent pointers, Loki, although we think you're more of a boulevardier in your style than the Mango is. You've acquired a Continental polish and the Mango is 100 percent all American guy. Abby likes your style, while Pretty Girl has a built-in drool machine all her own. Now you could have your own contest and squire some lucky lady around all those Roman ruins.

    Jed & Abby

  6. Tee hees-

    Howdy, my name is TriXie!!
    My brother is a furiend of Mango and I have been on-line peeping Mango {blushing}
    I like your thoughtful tips-
    I love flowers.
    If yous can put a good word for me 'cuz yous him dude for a most cutie little innocent sweet lovely ..(hold on) my sister IzZY was coughing at someting.. anyways nice to meet yous...

    Love Me,

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