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Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane

June 30, 2011
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Some of you keep asking me if it really is this pretty here in the land of yodeling dairy lovers. Yawn. I mean, yes, it is that pretty and pristine. Just how many photos do I have to post before you believe me?  It's Swiss. Everything is measured and cut to the centimeter.  Especially in parks and towns.  This shot above was taken on my Sunday bike ride. It was a screaming descent from Biere to Aubonne and barely a car in site. This is the Swiss version of life in the fast lane.  

But Switzerland does have a dark side as well.   Just the other evening Mr. Wild Dingo and I were driving through one of those sections in Lausanne and he had to do everything possible to keep me hanging out the window to take pictures. Prostitution is legal in Switzerland and even regulated. Prostitutes are licensed to um, well, you know. And it's really funny because they hang out in one industrial section of Lausanne that's difficult to avoid. In fact it's on the way to the main highway.

Recently, one of Mr. Wild Dingo's co-workers, who's new in town, mentioned he was worried about trying to find the highway because he didn't want to get stuck at the prostitutes again. About five guys practically replied in unison, "When you get to the prostitutes, turn right to get on the highway."

Is it me, or am I the only one wondering what he meant by "getting stuck at the prostitutes?"

So to answer your questions: yes there are some less-than gorgeous areas. But don't ask me to take photos. Because while prostitution is legal here in Switzerland, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to take photos of anything less than jaw-dropping beautiful of Switzerland and post it on the Web.

And the next time you're in Lausanne, when you hit the prostitutes, turn right. I know;  I'm chock full of valuable advice.

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11 comments on “Life in the Fast Lane”

  1. I think I can safely say that the phrase 'turn right at the prostitutes' is not uttered as often in Utah. Possibly because Utah doesn't provide state issued and inspected condoms. (Now I'm all curious. How do the Swiss regulate prostitution? Surely they've got, uh, inspectors... But I'm not going to go there. So, do the prostitutes have to work the same hours as regular businesses? Do they close up shop at 6pm? And if everything is measured to the centimeter, do the prostitutes have to meet certain physical standards? Now that you've opened this veritable can of, erm, worms, I Must Know Everything.)

    Since my Utah-based internet provider will like censor MY comments about legal prostitution I'll stop there... (Nevada may be next door, but they put a very large, strategically located chunk of desert to prevent any of That Sort of Thing seeping from Utah to Nevada... *grin* Actually, I lie. There is a border town; the cheap hotels are on the Utah side, while the liquor stores, casinos, good restaurants, excellent school, and no sales tax is on the Nevada side - you just have to drive through an interminably long stretch of desert to get there...)

    I think these scenery shots of yours would be vastly improved if you could remove the mountains so we could see something... And, we have yet to see any photos of yodelers. I'm just saying. You know to keep you honest... 😉

    Finally, you can take pictures on a screaming descent? I bow down to you. If I'm going more than about 25mph downhill, I've got a white-knuckle grip on the handlebars while praying that my front tire doesn't flat out. (It happened once, and it wasn't a happy time. Less happy because the dear husband was ahead of me and didn't know I had gone down for several minutes. Luckily, the only remaining scars are mental, but fast descents are pretty much the only time I REALLY hope someone (or several someones) are listening to my prayers and are actively intervening...)


    (See, now I feel all this pressure to make comments... Heehee!)

    -Dr. Liz (who isn't riding this summer since the husband is on blood thinners and goes all hemophiliac-ish on me every time he gets stuck with a needle - no crashing for him this summer!)

  2. Hmmmm, all of ours live at Motel 6. Not nearly as nice as the Swiss country side. Are you sure those pictures are for real? I mean really for sure?


  3. Maybe his co-worker was speaking German and was trying to find some supplies to fix one of the walls in his home.

    Then again, probably not! 🙂

  4. While it's not illogical to regulate sin and tax the hell out of it, one has to wonder why les girls would choose to hang out on the hot [or cold, depending on the season] streets breathing noxious fumes when they could hang out a shingle or set up a nice little storefront with discrete signage - or maybe even set up a drive-thru. A whole new meaning to 'would you like fries with that?' The Swiss seem to be lacking in entrepreneurial invention in this area.

    Jed & Abby

  5. By now you should know that sibes don't follow rules, so we want to know what happens if we turn left or go straight - BOL.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. We were going to write something witty, but then we saw Dr. Liz's comment and really could not top that. However, she does have one fact incorrect. She says that you have not posted a picture of a Yodeler. But, being Siberians, we know that is totally incorrect - you post a picture of a yodeler every day.

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