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Ces Loups Sont Gentils

Ces Loups Sont Gentils

June 29, 2011
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"Oh la la! Les loups," claims a woman. She was talking about us. Because it seems perfectly normal for two human beings to walk into a quiet lakeside town in Switzerland on a Sunday morning for a picnic brunch with wolves on the end of their leashes. If you aren't sporting a lap dog, a labrador or golden retriever, then your domestic dog is a wolf.

"Seriously? Someone thinks we're loopy? Should we be insulted Princess?"
"As if.  I'm pretty sure they were just talking about you, Big Boy."

I'm not sure I'd want to pet these wolves if I didn't know them. But there are plenty of fans and children who do and stop to adore "les loups."

A few weeks ago an Indian woman and her child had their picture taken with them. And though both dogs were sitting calmly and quietly, the little girl was terrified to be any closer than 18 inches. Even after I promised neither dog would eat her. "They're not that kind of wolf," I said. But she didn't  believe me and refused to get too close as her mom snapped the photo. I couldn't blame her. Children sense crackery.

"Loups-schmoups. Donnez-moi en sandwich, maintenant!"
"Are loups as bossy as the Princess, Pop?"

Small and medium size dogs pass by within inches and neither loup gets up. It has to be the heat. They're never that good.  Since they haven't snacked on any of the children who stop to pet them, like most loups would, we share our salami sandwichs and ice cream cones with them.


"Princess, do I look like a loup?"
"Big boy, with those ears, you look more like a satellite reciever."

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15 comments on “Ces Loups Sont Gentils”

  1. While my French sucks, my Latin (yet again, I'm embarrassed to say) pulls me through again. Lupi = wolves, so I was all over the 'loups' long before you translated for those of us who have forgotten all the French we ever learned (but, not Latin or German...). I think Juno's right, though. Loki totally looks like he's receiving transmissions from aliens. Oh yeah, and his ears make him look like a satellite receiver, too. 😉

    Actually, now that I'm done being a smart-ass (for the moment), are poodles loups? Or are they still chiens? (Note my mastery of French? Yeah... It would explain why, on a trip to Paris as a teenager, I accidentally ordered a plate of spinach instead of whatever it was I thought I was ordering; no, my family will NEVER let me live that down... It also explains why I started studying German.)

    So there are laws in Switzerland about loups snacking on enfants? *sigh* I guess Abby and Fi won't be visiting any time soon! 🙂

    -Dr. Liz (who should be reading about the institution of slavery in ancient Rome rather than harassing you...)

  2. Ha ha ha! Oh, they definitely look dangerous. How you sleep at night with those loups lurking around amazes me! Who knew that feeding children to loups was frowned upon?

  3. On the other hand, I know a few children who probably SHOULD be eaten by something. Or maybe just their parents!

  4. It is fun to scare children. Momma does it all the time without my assistance. You two must be quite the spectacle. Pretty soon they will be lining the streets for a photo op with you when you go on les walkie.


  5. The TG cracks me up... reminds me of a saying I've heard my 91 yr old mother say many times throughout my life "That child's head should have been pinched off at birth!" Harsh, I know, and the woman had 4 kids of her own. Somehow we all managed to survive with heads intact... yea for us.
    Woof to the wolves!
    Tank's Asst.

  6. Too funny, and don't your deux loups look so gorgeous there! We have new neighbors on our street. Last week the lady asked Mom if she would tell her how much wolf was in us - we get called wolves all the time. If they only knew the truth about these gentle lambs that we really are:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Sometimes you just have to wonder how humans became the dominant species on the planet. It sure wasn't due to their intelligence. Calling you 'loups' is about as clever as 'can you put a saddle on that' is when aimed at Great Danes. Your social skills just keep getting better and better, along with your patience. After all, you haven't eaten anyone - yet.

    Jed & Abby

  8. I love Loki in that last picture. He is so GORGEOUS!

    Sorry, got sidetracked. That's too funny that everyone thinks they are wolves. 🙂 You should tell them something funny like, "No, actually they are a rare breed of goat . . ." People crack me up! When people ask if Storm is a wolf (or worse just assume it and start telling other people) I'm quick to correct them. I don't know why it bothers me so much. I guess because I'm just OCD like that lol.

  9. Oh forgot to add, probably the reason I feel that way is because people around here get wolf crosses for the WOW factor just to get attention. I didn't get Storm to impress people, so I don't want them assuming she's a wolf. 🙂

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