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Bed Bug

Bed Bug

August 8, 2011
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"Uh, Princess, there's another bed right next to this one."
"I'm stayin. Get over it."

Mind games. She doesn't even like the beds. She prefers hardwood floors. The only thing she likes better than a hardwood floor is screwing with Loki's head.

He's a creature of habit. He doesn't like change. Once he chooses a bed, it's his spot, his refuge, his zen.

Some nights, she races him to the bedroom to steal that bed. Even though there's another exactly the same right next to it. If he's already in it, she will squeeze in next to him and he doesn't much mind. If not, she sprawls across it making it impossible for him.

Instead of choosing the other bed, he comes to me to fix the problem. He paces the floor and looks at me as if his whole world has been turned upside down. Then I get out of bed and make her move.

A dog's bed is his castle.

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11 comments on “Bed Bug”

  1. An alpha's job is to claim EVERYTHING as theirs. "Everything that's mine is mine, & everything that's yours is mine too". Woo share, of course, but once in a while ya just gotta reinforce this fact for your minions Its the Siberian Way. (and we Sibettes know that all boys are big crybabies.)

    Juno, you go, girl!
    Miss Moo

  2. Sugar's bed is HER domain-- every single foster dog gets alpha-b*tch slapped whenever they try to sleep with her. She even growled and snapped at me, once, when I approached her bed 4 years ago. I stopped that behavior-- fast-- and now I make her move from her bed, whenever I feel like it.

    Yes, I am the ONLY alpha-b*tch in this household. Heh.

    (and not Sugar-- she's too busy sulking)

  3. Sure you didn't mean bed hog? Jed does that to Abby, but she's happy just to take whichever bed he's not using. He likes to let her get all comfy, then he'll leave the bed he picked and come stand over her and just stare until she moves. He may only occupy the new bed for 15 minutes before he moves again; guess it's the principle. Of course, Abby is the alpha when it comes to food, so she's got her priorities straight.

    Hope you're enjoying Turkey! Sounds unexpected, from Mr. WD's post.

    Jed & Abby

  4. That's totally how Heffner is if anyone sits on his couch. Doesn't matter if it's Bess or if it's a person. He will pace and do this low whine until I do something about it. Maybe it's a boy dog thing?;0)

  5. We have a problem here, there are two beds and four pups. Now Ciara and TD or Ciara and Lightning have no problem sharing a bed. Good thing Phantom prefers the crate:)

    Gotta love that smart sibe.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

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