August 16, 2011


August 16, 2011
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It's that time of year in Switzerland. The farms roll up their balls of hey and stack them neatly in the fields. I was fascinated the first time I saw it. I still am.

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2 comments on “Tidy”

  1. What a lovely sight! That's what Oklahoma would have looked like in about a month, if it hadn't been suffering from a historic record for consecutive 100 degree days and 100% drought throughout the state since June. For once, OK was #1 in something besides football; too bad it wasn't a #1 anyone wants to win.

    Jed & Abby

  2. They don't have round bales of hay in California? I'm so used to seeing them I hardly notice them, well except for when someone is hauling hay on a truck and I look at it and think "I wish they were going to my house". Hehehe.

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