Too Hot to Trot

August 13, 2011

Too Hot to Trot

August 13, 2011

"Read the Nordic dog hand book. No snow? No trot."

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9 comments on “Too Hot to Trot”

  1. Yuh! Like I thought you totally lived in the Alpine Lace Mountains where everything is made of cheese and there is always snow. What's up?


  2. Are you having a hot spell there? We had the most horrible hot summer here. Finally getting a bit better. But Juno, we so understand the "no trot" part.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Juno, we understand completely. Humans are sadly lacking in common sense, aren't they?

    jack & moo

  4. It's not just Nordic dogs who refuse to trot - or move at all - in the heat!

    Pant, pant, slobber - Jed & Abby

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