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It's Complicated

It's Complicated

October 5, 2011
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"I try not to over think these things."

Their's is a relationship beyond me.  On our walks, he takes control, pushing her aside when she finds a mole or bullying her into rejoining the pack when she's too far away.  In the house, he wouldn't think to take away her toy, food or her bed, even if any of those belong to him. She takes advantage of his early morning potty break to take his warm spot. Her reasons, complex by Siberian genetics, have nothing to do with a warm spot and instead vacillate between "just to bug him" and "so Pop will give me more attention."  You'd think he'd take what's rightfully his. Instead, if he's lucky, he'll find the tiniest corner and squeeze in next to her. Never mind that he nearly bowled her over earlier in the day for first chomp at the field mouse that she found.

A dog is infinitely more complicated than his or her behaviors.

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8 comments on “It's Complicated”

  1. We have weird dynamics in our house also. We are still trying to figure it out with the new puppy.
    Dogs are very complicated creatures. I wish our Aria could tell me exactly what she is yelling at Mikey for some times. She will continue to yell at him even after he's run away into another room.

  2. Wooo this is all so true. Hu'mum loves to sit and watch us and see whats going on, she can loose hours watching us. And now Bruno is a tripawd things have changed again!! We love to keep her guessing 🙂

    Beautiful pic 🙂

  3. It's all about the dance! On some things, Jed always leads; on others, Abby. And on yet other things, they take turns, jostle, play, and enjoy the dance.

    Jed & Abby

  4. Many is the time I think back to my Airedale and Basset Hound. When they played chase, you could see the dale looking over his shoulder and slowing down so his little friend could catch up and he always deferred to her on the property. She could take bones right out of his mouth. Off the property? Watch out! Big dog Airedale on duty.

    Yup, complex doesn't begin to describe it, but the short story is that Loki and Juno are pals and that is what is most important.

    Mango Momma

  5. Beautiful picture!! They do have a complicated relationship huh? With Storm and Jackal it is very obvious at all times that Storm is the boss. She doesn't let him get away with anything and will sometimes even snap at him for no reason if he walks too close. Other times they sleep next to each other perfectly fine. Weird. 🙂

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