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Rough Tough Cream Puff

Rough Tough Cream Puff

October 21, 2011
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"I swear to Dog, Mom, I didn't do this to Loki."

It hurts just looking at this picture. Loki is having another round of Limp Tail Syndrome. The vet and I have no idea why. I never saw him injure it. He's much too sensitive to Juno's softer play style to really rough handle her to the point of injuring himself. He's on an anti-inflammatory and as before, if it doesn't go away, we'll knock him out and take a photo of his hiney.

"Hey Big Boy! Can woo do this?" (swish-swish)
"Don't mock me Princess!"

I don't know what's worse, the pain he's in or the fear he has from it. In the middle of the night, he'll come to the side of our bed with his eyes questioning. He's uncomfortable and afraid.  I really hate not being able to communicate that it's all right and he's going to be fine. But I secretly worry that a second occurance of this may mean something more.  So for one night we invite him on the bed so he can lean on us. Only every few minutes he moves around and can't get comfortable. Last night I broke down, narc'd him with Benadryl and made him sleep in his own bed. I have my own insomnia issues.

"He's such an easy mark."
"Woah is me."

He's so different from Juno. She took a nail through her paw, never winced and and walked around gaily like nothing was wrong.  Her hip dysplasia on film looks bad enough to disable any dog, but it doesn't phase her. She never shows any sign of pain even when she should. But just crinkling the wrapper from their monthly tick control medicine is enough to make Loki bolt from the room.

"Big boy, you're just a rough, tough, cream puff."
"Did woo say 'cream puff'? How come I don't taste any cream puff?"

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9 comments on “Rough Tough Cream Puff”

  1. Aw Loki, that has got to hurt. Sometimes it just isn't possible to be brave. I am keeping my paws crossed that the vet will figure out what is going on and that the solution will be easily enacted.


  2. Well Juno, just between us, all the boys I've ever met may put on a big show, but they're all just cream puffs on the inside. Just sayin' ~Moo

    Loki, I feel your pain.... good luck, buddy. ~Jack

  3. Oh poor Loki!! I can imagine how that must hurt!! I had never heard of that syndrom before...(guess I must have missed your previous post about it!!)...just hope the vet might find some answers upon further examination. This might be a stupid suggestion but do you think it could be from sleeping funny on it or something? You know, like the way we sometimes end up with a crick in our necks in the mornings? I get them really badly and sometimes, they can go on for days (you know the kind that prevents you from turning your head around to one side otherwise you get shooting pain - it even hampers my driving sometimes to the point that it's dangerous for me to do it until my neck gets better)...anyway, I only mention it because I never do anything "rough" or "violent" either in those cases - you wouldn't think I'd get such a terrible "injury" from just a funny sleeping position!! So I wonder if maybe dogs can do something similar...


  4. Wooo Oh Loki not again you poor guy. Hope you heal up real quick and then the cream puff jokes can stop, till then hold your head up high fella. Oh and by the way I run as soon as I hear the tick wrapper doing its stuff too 🙂

  5. We were thinking a sprain. How would you put a sling on a sprained tail? Dislocation? Those are tail bones, after all, held in place with ligaments and muscles and whatnot. Does it hurt when you touch his tail? Or does it just hurt, period? Sure hope it's something silly and easily fixable.

    Jed & Abby

  6. Aww poor Loki!! I'm sorry he's having to go through this again. What's funny is my two are the same. Storm is tough (well even she runs from the crinkle of tick control medicine), but Jackal is a total wimp! And drama king lol. I hope it heals up just fine and goes away forever.

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