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Lacus Lunático

Lacus Lunático

October 24, 2011
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Instead of our usual Sunday stroll to Morges for ice cream, Mr. Wild Dingo and I took the dogs to the Roman Ruins at Vidy this weekend. It's a short drive from our house. Then again, everything is a short drive around here. On one hand, Switzerland is an incredibly compact country on the other, there's vast amounts of space for plenty of dog adventures.  The 12 loyal readers of Wild Dingo know that at Vidy, there is a lovely dog park and excellent Lake-side walking that we've done before with other dog pals.

In the Roman Ruins section, one end there's a sign that says there are no dogs allowed, and the other says no dogs allowed from March through September. We saw a few other dogs after we went so we figured we were cool. I just had to constantly interrupt Loki's attempt at marking the over 2000-year-old stones.

Vidy is a really lovely place. Besides the ruins, there's a skateboard park, archery field, tons of walking paths, off-leash dog walking paths (for reals),  beaches for summertime swimming, boating clubs and various other sports fields along with the Olympic International Committee House. Sunday's are a busy day for walkers, children, and dog walking. Although there are off-leash areas, I noticed that few, if any, off-leash dogs would run up to other dogs or people, so we just kept ours leashed. Juno's lack of impulse control brings out the worst in Loki who would likely not stray from us.  Occasionally we were approached by a curious but polite dog. And we saw tons of single huskies pulling their owners on harness and bike. Juno was très envious while Loki was just annoyed by it.

And for your non-sequitur of the day here's a little lake-side action from our Friday walk. You'll note Loki's tail is still hanging low. It's a bit better lately. I decided if this strikes again, we'll do the x-ray just to be certain it's nothing more.

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7 comments on “Lacus Lunático”

  1. Clearly Loki is feeling better, if he's willing to do all that digging and running and herding. Seems a good sign. And let the boy christen a few Roman stones. Like they've never been peed on in 2000 years!

    Jed & Abby

  2. I'm a loyal reader! I promise! LOL I just take forever to catch up lol. I am here reading though.

    Wow Loki is a SUPER digger!! I'm impressed. I love how even Juno had a drink from his well. 😀

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