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Year: 2012


Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present.  Or in this case, that piece of chicken right in front of us.

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Home Stretch

The last year we lived in Switzerland, Mr. Wild Dingo did a "no-no" and invited the cracker onto the sofa. I'm not against dogs on sofas or beds, I just happen to like my furniture a lot and though I like napping with dogs, I don't particularly like spending an entire night sleeping with them. […]

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Whatever it Takes

It isn't easy being Mr. Wild Dingo. Because, I'm not so good with acronyms.  Or names. Or numbers. He's always interpreting Wild Dingo-speak. Whenever I ask for the can of W4, Mr. Wild Dingo always replies "W4, WD40 whatever it takes."

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"I'm just some lunatic macaroni mushroom, is that it?"    

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For Roo

"Yum! Tastes like chicken!" "Princess, that was the chicken treat mom just advanced paid us for modeling work." We'll miss your clownish antics and zest for all things construction. May North of the Rainbow Bridge be filled with yellow tractors---all for you.

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Sick Sense

One of the things I miss most about living in Switzerland is the ability to walk anywhere legally. For the first year there, I constantly felt like I was trespassing as hiking trails led us through quiet vineyards, cow pastures, farms and sometimes even close enough to people's homes you can see what they're having […]

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Nobody's Perfect

This is as close to truffle hunting as I'm going to get for a long time. We found this gorgeous 'shroom in our dog garden. From the top it looked hideous so I picked it. I flipped it over and immediately felt sad for picking it. 

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Slippery When Wet

Two years away and a heavy rainy season has taken a toll on Nitwit Bridge. In the last month, I've slipped 4 times on this  the 40-foot high, 150 foot suspension bridge crossing. Obviously, none fatal, since I'm still here typing this. But enough to scare the bejesus out of me. Even the dogs tread very lightly […]

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It's Not About the Drug, Silly

It's hard to believe a dog who exhibits such strength and confidence, ok, over confidence, can suddenly turn into a ball of mush, eyes filled with fear and looking to me make him feel better. Last weekend we had a big scare. Normally, the dogs have taken Interceptor for their heartworm medication. When we moved to […]

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Some Things Never Change

The first official header I ever did for Wild Dingo in 2009 was a photo of these two, newly thrown-together siblings, snuggling, just like this. It seems some things never change. There's a great comfort in that. Because returning to a familiar place after living in an entirely different world for two years, changes you. […]

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