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Slippery When Wet

Slippery When Wet

December 6, 2012
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Two years away and a heavy rainy season has taken a toll on Nitwit Bridge. In the last month, I've slipped 4 times on this  the 40-foot high, 150 foot suspension bridge crossing. Obviously, none fatal, since I'm still here typing this. But enough to scare the bejesus out of me. Even the dogs tread very lightly over it. I usually walk single file, Juno leading and Loki behind me, on leash because the bridge is near busy road.  But even that can be tricky if I'm carrying mail from the mailbox or groceries back from the store on wet planks.

So now, I have to unleash both dogs and let each one cross separately when it's wet. Then I cross while they wait for me on the other side. Yes, even the Sibe waits for me. Though I'm not entirely comfortable doing this, since this one area of our trail is close to a busy road, albeit, up a steep bank. And though both are highly trained, I don't take risks where there are cars. All it would take is for one deer up the steep embankment. But it's either that or all three of us going down one day. So cutting a new trail with switchbacks has just risen toward the top of our to-do list here at Wild Dingo. It's now number 437 out of 98, 062 house projects.

Don't worry, Mr. Wild Dingo is looking at no-slip solutions to hold us over. Until then, it's one dog at a time and a 'wait' command at the end of the bridge.

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2 comments on “Slippery When Wet”

  1. Look at the Cracker's sweet face! yeah, maybe some of those little sandpaper sticky things people stick in their bathtubs so they don't slip...Life is never dull...

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