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Busy as a One Legged Tap Dancer

Busy as a One Legged Tap Dancer

February 8, 2012
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Things are getting out of control lately. So much so, I'm posting these photos I found laying around my computer since November. That's Mr. Wild Dingo there on Lake Léman with les loups.

This past month, I've been helping out with the story telling at Mango Minster. I don't know how Mango's DOH does it. Just the tiny bit of photoshop work I did and the few lines I had to come up with kept all my spare time full for weeks. But any excuse to be stupid-silly is good enough for me. So most nights and weekends were spent taking photos, photo editing and writing.  Good 'ole Mr. Wild Dingo even participated in the storyline. He's a good egg. Yah gotta love him.

In addition, I not only returned to teaching yoga, but I've taken on a tiny side job of reselling the raw dog food product that I buy from Buon Viando. Working with the owner, Patricia, is nothing short of a breeze. It's like she's family. She approached me a while ago about being a distributer but I was still too much bogged down with health problems to commit. I already have one friend who buys the product off of me and two more have joined the network. And since my health has returned, I felt like it was a good time to make the product more accessible in this area.

Teaching has been going really well and I love it. Working with different studios here is interesting. None of them have automation processes to check people into class and one of them still uses index cards to manage all their client subscriptions--seriously!  But I can't complain. The yoga community has been awesome. I've made many new friends and am thrilled to be a part of it. In fact, I'm leaving in a few hours to go to a teacher training program in Zurich with Max Strom. I'm just really jazzed to be well-enough to teach again and continue my training. I'll be gone for the rest of the week and the dogs get to harass Mr. Wild Dingo for their walks and dinner. I have no doubt he'll come home to party central:

Sigh. I just hope there's no food fights or keg parties. For more on how I abused Mr. Wild Dingo, check out the Swiss stories at Mango Minster.

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9 comments on “Busy as a One Legged Tap Dancer”

  1. We agree. Mr. WD is truly a good egg! You wouldn't catch Mr. rr up in that tree. And we really enjoyed all of Loki's noir commentary throughout the posts. What a gift that you have your health back! Enjoy Zurich!

  2. Once again, I have to thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures with us. I always feel as if I'm on a mini-vacation when I see them!

  3. Love your sense of humor... and "stupid/silly" is a perfect definition of a dog blog. Hope the Mr. wasn't injured too badly in the making of your post:)

  4. I don't think Gary would be in a cone of shame, or allow himself to be hung up in a tree! (Is that a variation of a yoga pose?) And Gary definitely couldn't handle me being gone for a week; the last time I left for a week, I had to leave him hour-by-hour notes as to how to handle the dogs... 😉 Have fun in Zurich, and keep your eyes peeled for those gold ingots!

    -Dr. Liz

  5. This is a wonderful kind of busy. Hope your advanced training class is everything you are hoping for and more. And that Mr. WD remembers to keep the books and shoes out of Sibe reach.

    And we don't know how Mango Momma does it, either. Abby is headed to Switzerland for a nice holiday when MM is over. Kindly get the spare room ready.

    Jed & Abby

  6. I'm SO happy about your health. That is absolutely wonderful news.

    And, that last photo is amazing. I've never tried to do photoshop photos like your great one because it looks so painstaking. I tend not to have the patience 🙂 I'm heading over to read the Swiss storyline at Mango Minster.

  7. You go, girl! That's a busy schedule! Glad you're feeling good again. And yes, Mr. WD is certainly a keeper. Didn't realize you had a hand (or paw) in MangoMinster! Should have guess from the superb level of goofiness! Enjoy your class.

    jack & moo momster

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