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Love is the Bridge Between Two Hearts

Love is the Bridge Between Two Hearts

February 2, 2012
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Phthph!  This month's masthead is totally sappy. I don't do sappy well. I hemmed and hawed. I kicked and stammered. But Mr. Wild Dingo, who's even less sappier than me, twisted my arm and told me to run it.

It's just as well. This week, I'm giving a yoga class themed on love in light of Valentine's Day. But luckily, I can pull off a yoga class with feel-good themes and leave the sap at home. There are lots of backbends and heart opening poses planned along with only the hippest tune list in Lausanne.

TravelMarx gave me a new list of great tunes for Christmas, featuring L'Amour by Rouge Rouge. The song rocks and will be fun to use in my playlist. So I looked up the band's official video. I was pleasantly surprised that it was the perfect balance to the sappiness of this month's masthead.

Warning:  contains adult humor. If you aren't an adult or you don't have a sense of humor, don't watch it.

Those body suits are giving me serious déjà vu. Leave it to the French to take the sap out of l'amour! Sigh. I love the French.

If you need to cleanse your pallet, here's another "L'amour" by Rouge Rouge video with really beautiful photography of love.

Oh Yeah: Happy Love Month Babies! 

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7 comments on “Love is the Bridge Between Two Hearts”

  1. Mom says NO shoes like THAT -

    I do TRY to invade - ummm - the space -

    She often wonders what my other peoples had let me - ummm - be part of -


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