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Finding Religion

Finding Religion

May 14, 2012
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For some, spirituality is found in Sunday morning religious services or a stroll in the park. The morning is too crisp for our clothing choice. We try to avoid our usual stop through town and head back home. The husky however, is too devoted to her ritual Sunday morning spiritual practice and instead pulls us toward the usual location for her prayers.

"Hallelujah! Praise Les Crèmes Glacées!"

The husky finds religion in a petite tasse de crème glacées. She is quite charismatic in her prayers as she leaps wildly into the air toward the icon of her devotion.   The cracker on the other hand has a more zen-like approach to his Sunday morning meditations.

"The samurai must maintain his faith in his beliefs, even as the social or political climate shifts and alters. He must be patient, must act in a manner that may at times seem irrational or illogical, must resist the temptations of instant gratification, and must work towards fulfilling what may seem to be an impossible idea."

Her prayers have been answered.

A lesson that prayers of any style never go unanswered.


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6 comments on “Finding Religion”

  1. Loki's not praying. He's using all of his mentals to will the ice cream to him. TaiChi used to have that Exact Same look - trust me - he's developing his telekinetic powers. Don't be surprised when that cup just floats his direction one day.

    -Dr. Liz, who is anticipating the inevitable

  2. Loki is a Formosan samurai? Cool. We are also devotees of your religion, but we belong to the Dried Beef Liver Sect. Except for mama, who is an acolyte in the Chocolate Sect. Regardless, we admire your devotion and are pleased to see it rewarded in this life, as in the next.

    Jed & Abby

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