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Raining on His Parade

Raining on His Parade

May 9, 2012
Posted in: Totally Random | Reading Time: 1 minute

This is Switzerland's Supermoon. Seriously. We had no opportunity to see it. But we made do.

The freaky deaky weather patterns here rock my world. Not so much Mr. Wild Dingo's world though. He's longing for some serious sunshine.

But the rain clouds and mountains entertain me. And why wouldn't they, when I can appreciate them from my office window while bundled up in cozy sweat pants, enjoying  my favorite green tea and dark salted chocolate?

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6 comments on “Raining on His Parade”

  1. Hmm... been to Sicily recently? We've been watching Montalbano on International Mystery and Sicily seems to have miles and miles of beautiful sunny beaches that - at least when the camera is running - aren't crowded. Might run a security check with the Embassy or something just to make sure it's as safe as it looks on film. 🙂

    Jed & Abby

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