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May 6, 2012
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We come across many "Interdit" signs on our walks in Switzerland. Sometimes they give us pause.  

"Princess, it says we're not allowed to be naked here."

"Don't worry Big Boy, your fur is enough to keep your junk  from offending."

"Princess! Hide your eyes!"

Hmm. How did that naked dude get into my photo of the Alps and the Lake?

"Apparently Sasquatch didn't get the memo."


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6 comments on “Interdit”

  1. Bwaaaaaaa ha ha! Oh, Switzerland is so much different from here! I was laughing from the first picture! I'm glad Loki is comfortable in his own fur. *snort*

  2. Loki, you honorary rottie, you always look good nekkid. Juno, sibes are never nekkid.

    btw, you guys fell off my reading list on blogger. I'll put you back on. I was freaking for a minute...

  3. So was Sasquatch ignoring the Interdit sign? Maybe he needs glasses? Do nudists eschew glasses? We couldn't actually verify that he was nekkid, despite mama's best efforts, so we take your word for it.

    Dogs are NEVER nekkid. Well, except maybe those Chinese Crested and some weird Mexican breeds with no furs. The rest of us are styling in all kinds of glorious furs worn as God intended fur to be worn - by those who grow it naturally.

    Jed & Abby

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