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New Ground

New Ground

June 9, 2012
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For some of us, exploring new things is daunting at best and nerve-wracking at worst. For the husky, there's nothing better than new ground. If she's been there more than twice, it's old news and she'd be happier on new trails. The cracker, on the other hand, would be happy never exploring more than a 30-minute radius from the house over and over and over again.  But he indulges us.

"Princess, that tunnel looks nefarious. We should turn back now."
"Nonsense Big Boy. Besides, 'nefarious' is my middle name."

Like the cracker, Mr. Wild Dingo can be set in his ways. But he's been having a few back pains lately and finally conceded to going to his first yoga class. For a few days I agonized over which class and style he'd most enjoy so not to turn him off. In the end, I took him to a HOT yoga class. The heat in a hot yoga class can turn most new people off, but my gut told me the sequence would best suit his particular issues. And he rocked it, with no complaints about the heat. Today, I'm sore but he's not. So I'm upping the ante. Next week, I'm taking him to where all the big boys with something to prove play--Power Yoga.

Because he's more like the husky than I thought he was.

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2 comments on “New Ground”

  1. Kudos to Mr. WD for his pioneering spirit. We're a bit confused; we thought yoga was an indoor sport, so how did he 'feel it' riding [biking?] between FR and CH? Hope Mr. WD's back is benefiting from the yoga.

    Jed & Abby

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