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Too Much Green and Blue, Not Enough Smog

Too Much Green and Blue, Not Enough Smog

June 1, 2012
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Mr. Wild Dingo has been complaining a lot lately about the weather. No seriously. He has. Because it looks like this for me every weekday, but the weekends, when he can enjoy the outdoors, it's been very windy and raining. And it's not like either of us is immune to being outdoors in bad weather.  It's just that it can be dangerous to ride in the heavy winds here. On one ride, the wind blew me clear across the road to the left side. Luckily no cars were coming. So I can understand his frustration for bad weekend weather.

He went back to California for business and emailed me how much he loved the weather and the sun. While I rode my bike in this climate. It may be sunny in California all the time, but I can assure you, it's never this green.  I love the rain for that reason. Not to mention the smog in California.

The downside of cycling in Switzerland is that I can sing Bennie and the Jets as loudly as I want and nobody but the cows are around to appreciate that I can't carry a tune.

Speaking of cows, some had questions about their bells. No, they don't wear those large ornamental bells all the time that were shown in the previous post. Those large bells are only for the fête. However, the cows do wear normal sized bells most of the day and night and apparently it's a very good thing for them. Farmers claim the cows love their bells as they are a relaxing, hypnotic calming sound to them. The bells also assures them they are close to their group and helps them stick together in huge fields.  Excited cows are usually newly born or adult cows who are really happy at the start of summer.

I had a houseful of testosterone this week. Four male cyclists (including Mr. Wild Dingo) stayed with us for some riding. I rode their easy day with them, "only" 2,200 feet of climbing. It nearly did me in to stay with them, though they gave me plenty of real pushes up some of the climbs.

Now that the weather is steadily more sunny, I'm adding even more climbing and mileage to prepare for an end of summer cycling trip, yet to be planned. It feels good to be back to my normal self, so I can beat myself up on these grueling rides.

The top of the Mollendruz  is where we went snow shoeing with the dogs this winter. I'm hoping to get up back up here this summer with them for both hiking and running. They both love riding along side my mountain bike. The cement trails through the forests and ski area assure us no cars.

There isn't a day that goes by that I and the dogs don't appreciate Switzerland's vibrant greens and blues.

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3 comments on “Too Much Green and Blue, Not Enough Smog”

  1. Since Rottrover has the smog problem solved, I'd like to address the cow bell issue. Exactly how do the farmers know that the cows like the bells and find them relaxing?? Was a scientific poll taken? Or even an unscientific poll? Do the cows seem to be depressed when they're not wearing the bells? Could the farmers have just made up this nonsense to appease people like you who question the practice? Maybe the bells actually drive the cows insane, but the farmers like them because if a cow strays from the herd, it obviously would be a little easier to find the defector. Honestly Ms.Wild Dingo, would YOU find it relaxing to wear a giant bell around your neck day and night? And more importantly, would Mr. WD enjoy your clanging bell?

  2. Oh Tank! Such a curmudgeon! I wish I was wearing a giant bell the day I got hit by a car on my 10 speed. Maybe that stupid lady would have seen me!!

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