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Dent de Chien

Dent de Chien

May 29, 2012
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"You know what they say about big toofs..."

Dent de Chien (Dog Tooth) is a perennial herb found in Europe and Asia. It's latin name "dens-canis" is taken from its elongated bulb, shaped like a white dog tooth.

Flowering from March-June, its leaves are elliptical and green with brown or red spots. In france, Dent de Chien is found lower hills and sub-alpine areas. It is common in the Pyrenees, but found more in the Alps and Jura mountains, which is where the chiens de Wild Dingo live.  Typically, it's found in shaded woods, moorland and grassy lawns.  Ornamental in use, the plant easily multiples by ants! Yes, ants. It drops its seeds about 20 cm around the mother and ants, who carry it far away in hopes of eating and bury it.

And that is your Alpine Education for the day.

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4 comments on “Dent de Chien”

  1. That picture of Loki is a bit frightening, but I do appreciate the lesson on Dent de Chien. Speaking of long in the tooth, how is my favorite doggie daddy Mr. WD?

  2. Nice flower, but we prefer the actual dent de chien in that first photo. Loki has some goergeous pearly whites. And Jed shares his love of eating the greenery.

    Jed & Abby

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