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Pack Crack

Pack Crack

July 17, 2012
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"Swiss Cheeses Mom! Don't leave me! I'm comin'! Wait up!"

It's never a dull moment with a pack-cracker like Loki. He has a few rules when we go out for walks:

  1. If Mom is on the walk, then Mom, and ONLY Mom, holds my leash.
  2. If Mom is on the walk and she is not holding my leash then I will bark my fool-head off and act like the world is coming to an end until she retakes my leash.
  3. I will walk on leash with Pop or extended pack and behave for them ONLY if Mom is not on the walk.  But if Mom is on the walk, see #2.
  4. If Mom goes out of sight for even 1 second, even if I'm waiting with my family, Pop and Juno, when she returns, I will yap wildly and leap into her face to cuss her out for leaving me.
  5. If we're unleashed, I never let Mom out of my sight for a single second. You never know if she will get lost, or worst, forget me!

Every Saturday, Mr. Wild Dingo sets with the cracker and the criminal on lead for a little one-on-one time with them. The dogs enjoy their time alone with him.  Last weekend, however, we headed out the door together.  I handed Loki's leash to Mr. Wild Dingo so I could lock up the house. Loki set out calmly with Mr. Wild Dingo expecting his normal Saturday one-on-one time. But when he turned and saw me walking toward them, he immediately turned back to Mr. Wild Dingo and cussed him out, barking his fool-head off for the entire neighborhood to hear, "Mom is coming, give my leash to her RIGHT NOW!"

Mr. Wild Dingo rolled his eyes and handed the leash to me. As predicted, Loki shut his yapper.

If my hands are too full to hold his lead and Mr. Wild Dingo is holding it,  Loki will intentionally wrap himself around me so the lead is fully wrapped around my legs and then glues himself to my left thigh in heel position. Believe me, the cracker fully understands what he is doing. The last time he did it, Mr. Wild Dingo unwrapped him and stood on the other side me. Loki proceeded to do it again, but on the opposite side.

It's gotten so bad, we make a game out of it as we walk. With dogs out in front, I secretly hand Loki's leash to Mr. Wild Dingo and we take bets on how long it takes for him to figure it out and protest. Three seconds is the record speed. Fifteen seconds is the slowest speed.

Poor cracker has some issues.


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5 comments on “Pack Crack”

  1. OH, we play that game here, too....except that its darling little Miss Moo who sticks to mom like glue. She isn't quite as bad as the Cracker, though.... Dad is allowed to hold the leash, but Moo will keep walking over to mom's side. Usually this also involves stepping in front of dad and Jack and getting the leashed tangled up and nearly tripping dad.... but our humans are pretty trainable and we've got the routine almost down now...


  2. I think you're looking at this all wrong. You should appreciate how much he loves you and not complain. A dog barking in your face is something to be enjoyed.


    PS. The way to enjoy it is not to squirt water in the dog's face while the dog is barking like my mom does.

  3. Fi won't even notice if I drop the leash. Abby, on the other hand, will only wrap herself around me if I stop for an unacceptably long period of time (which seems to be anything more than 2 nano seconds - and apparently I take WAY too long when stopping to pick up poop, as both dogs will wrap themselves around me). But I love how you see how long it takes for the Cracker to see that the leash has been switched. Heh. Gotta keep the dude on his toes!

    -Dr. Liz, who has a massive headache, and is hoping that it will dissipate during my spin class (it won't - it's an allergy thing - but I can always hope, right?!?)

  4. YOU! ONLY YOU! Can't you get that through your fool head and quit with the games? Poor Loki. There are RULES, you know.


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