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Pas de Pee Pee

Pas de Pee Pee

August 24, 2012
Posted in: Dogs | Reading Time: 1 minute

"Tra-la-la. This looks like a nice spot to see a man about a horse."

"What Mom? This is a faux pas? I don't see no 'Ne Fait Pas du Pee-Pee' sign around here."

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6 comments on “Pas de Pee Pee”

  1. Kuster pees on his own feet? Ewwww
    And Phantom lifted the wrong leg? How is that possible?? Even with 2 bad knees, I can use either leg.
    Finally, where's the faux pas Ms. WD? I don't see it either.


  2. Tank, the faux pas is that this is that secret garden that we pass 2x week. It is a lovely garden and i dont like the doggies to christen it. They are both good and listen when i say not to pee pee ... Loki was seriously being told no here and thats why the confused look...its not a building, which i dont let him do tho he tries...i dont like them to pee pee in town if we can help it. This garden is in the forest tho, so hes confused!

  3. You know, Loki, I have heard that doggies try to pee very high to make it appear that they are bigger when other doggies go to sniff their pee mail. Seems to me you are aiming for a six footer.


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