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Swiss High Speed Trains

Swiss High Speed Trains

October 11, 2012
Posted in: Dogs | Reading Time: 1 minute

"Princess, this train sure looks fun. I wonder how fast it goes?"

"Trust me Big Boy. There's a lot more horse power in my Siberian jodphurs than that Swiss version of the TGV."

The train operator takes a break while pondering if a team of huskies would be more fun to drive around Morges. Duh. Yes. But the streets wouldn't be nearly as clean nor would any outddor café customer be safe from their pasteries and baguettes mysteriously, or quite rowdily, disappearing.

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2 comments on “Swiss High Speed Trains”

  1. That looks more appropriate to Disney World. Is it for tourists, or do citizens use it to commute around town? At least they get to drive on the sidewalk. And it looks like you could stick your heads out the windows. Bet they wouldn't appreciate Loki's howling, though, during the drive.

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