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Adventures in Cross-training

Adventures in Cross-training

March 5, 2013
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Fresh air and exercise agrees with everyone. According to Mr. Wild Dingo, who noticed Juno's elevated mood lately as she teased Loki into games of tug and play: "There's just something about good exercise that agrees with the husky."

Huh. Who needs health studies and medical associations to tell us the obvious? If the husky's happy, then it must be good for you.  After all, Siberians know best.


Juno's third ride was another success but, I pushed her a bit too much at the end. She paced herself better this time and took plenty of long rests. At the bottom of the second descent, before the gentle climb out, she took an extra long rest. We didn't move until she got up to go and climb back out. Since she took that big rest, I figured it would be OK to encourage her to skip the last rest stop on the climb out. She was a bit tight the next day.  It's a fine line between pushing her just a bit and too much. But there's  no doubt that biking with Juno a few times per week is beneficial to her overall health and her hip dysplasia. We'll have to take it slower than normal dog pace until she builds up stamina. And to mix it up this week, we'll do a much shorter ride and later a visit to her US Physical Torturer Therapist who will have plenty of ideas for torturing, err, cross training the husky. Boo-wa-ha-ha-ha!

March 2013 Adventures in Cross Training

March 2013
Adventures in Cross Training

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6 comments on “Adventures in Cross-training”

  1. Where is the 'like' button? 😉 I think biking a few times a week would be beneficial to my health, too. Ya know. Once it stops snows. 😀

    -Dr. Liz, who just came back from tying herself into a knot in yoga (which I am enjoying very much, BTW)

  2. Phoenix wants to come live with you. He's enchanted by a landscape with no snow and all those green woods and trails, not to mention Juno's jodpurs. But that would probably put you one cracker over the legal limit.

  3. Good thing you don't live in our house, cuz we don't like getting off the couch, let alone do any running!

    Holly & Khady

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