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The Economy of Motion

The Economy of Motion

March 20, 2013
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Cleanliness is Next to Siberian Awesomness

"It's a shame that Mother Nature did not provide humans with the superior dirt-repelling qualities enjoyed by all Siberians."

As usual, Juno has a point. It's quite amazing---shocking if you will---how clean she stays for the amount of dirt she gets her furry self into. Siberians may be long furred but they stay unusually clean and rarely need baths. Unfortunately the dirt repelled by a Siberian doesn't just disappear. In fact, it must go somewhere, and that somewhere happens to be in the Xterra after muddy forest hikes.

Luckily, I'm married to a man who's passionately ruled by The Economy of Motion.  Mr. Wild Dingo will go to great lengths to make his life easier, even if it means duplicating, nay, replicating multiple times, tools stored in various locations around the house, rather than move them from room to room.  Contractors are in heaven when they work here or are permitted to use the workshops.  Thanks to Mr. Wild Dingo's obsession passion, after each car trip with the dogs, I can quickly pull over one of his many shop vacuums, this one located next to our cars, conveniently plugged in and ready to go, and effortlessly vacuum the car.  Seriously, it is nothing but a thing to unload the car, drag it over and in 10 minutes my car is nearly perfect again. No longer will my wool coats and yoga pants be adorned with Siberian fur.


"No Siberian fur to remind you of the guilt for leaving me home while you are out having all the fun? I won't have it."

Fortunately for Mr. Wild Dingo, I am an attentive student.  Last month, when I needed a new house vacuum, I didn't buy just one vacuum, but two: a Miele canister style vacuum for the big weekly cleaning jobs and a cordless, battery operated Hoover Wind Tunnel for quick pick ups around the house.  He could utter no words as I showed him both my purchases. I took his silence as proud reverence for such logical thinking.


"Princess, I don't think destroying that hose will keep Mom from cleaning the Xterra each time. Did woo see the back up vacuums in Pop's collection?"
"Where there's a will, there's a way Big Boy."

I seriously love the convenience of having handily placed vacuums. Next week, I'm going to totally surprise him with a third vacuum, just for the master bedroom. I can't wait to hear him praise me.

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7 comments on “The Economy of Motion”

  1. Following that same logic, you should have multiple pairs of the same shoes - for each room of the house, so if you walk barefooted in to one room, but then need shoes, they are Right There. I LIKE this thinking! BTW, the expressions on Juno and Loki's faces are PRICELESS. The perfect combination of bored apathy and paranoia. 😉

    -Dr. Liz, who would feel compelled to actually vacuum if she had more than one vacuum.

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