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NitWit ByPass Bridge Now Open

NitWit ByPass Bridge Now Open

April 8, 2015
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Nitwit ByPass Bridge is Now Open! - 045/465

In the first year of owning our property we built NitWit Bridge, a 40-foot high, 90-foot long, redwood suspension bridge over the creek that runs through our property.

Last year, we built a second trail and bridge, NitWit Too, in order to make a complete loop on the property and provide more off leash fun for the dogs.

Sadly, some time in the fall, our beloved original NitWit Bridge #1 collapsed and was decommissioned.

This winter we built a new trail that bypasses the original NitWit Bridge. It's a flatter trail with a lower and more stable bridge. And none too soon because though we have passage through the creek, during high rapids, it's better to use the bridge! I would have named it NitWit Three, but Mr. Wild Dingo keeps calling it NitWit ByPass, because it by-passes the original bridge. If you ask me, there are few too many nitwits in this family.

Here's a video of a bit of the new trail and NitWit ByPass Bridge. It's a little on the long side but what the heck, if you're itching for a Loki & Juno fix, here you go!  The video was shot in February just after our big rain storms.

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7 comments on “NitWit ByPass Bridge Now Open”

  1. Your property is absolutely positively gorgeous! The bridge and trails you made are awesome. Your dogs have the best life!!

  2. I'm ready to move! You sure I'm not your long lost nitwit red headed stepchild? One can never have to many nitwits in the family.

  3. We come along with Rottover - can never have enough nitwits!!! What a fun trail. Loved the video.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. The you shall not pass part cracked me up!! I love those two! Watching Juno makes me miss Storm so, so much. Your place, trails, creek, etc. are all so gorgeous. What a fun trail!

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