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Channeling Gandalf

Channeling Gandalf

August 7, 2015
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"You shall not pass!" 166/365

The cracker channels his inner Gandalf every day on our walks when he leaps ahead of me, whips himself around, and sits as a soldier at attention while staring at me with resounding conviction. I have two choices. I can laugh it off, make him turn around and march forward. Or I can give into his attempt at extortion and pay the bridge toll.

But I am weak. Who wouldn’t cave into a shakedown by the cracker?

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4 comments on “Channeling Gandalf”

  1. Those pockets better be filled with tasty treats:)

    Speaking of tasty, Mom made the tomato and basil recipe tonight and she says next time she has to make a lot more - she LOVED it. She didn't share with us:(

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. LOL! Mom's making it tonight - forget the halibut, she's eating it straight. Oh, and Loki, you're irresistible, buddy!

    -Ruby and Otto

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