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The Happy Criminal

The Happy Criminal

August 5, 2015
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It's hard to believe that such an innocent face can hide years of criminal activities! She's destroyed countless Danskos (8 pairs), flip-flops (5 pairs), purses (2), mail, catalogs and books (9). She's overturned numerous trash cans, torn through toilet paper rolls, crunched at least 3 pairs of eye glasses. She's chewed up packets of dental floss, two of my yoga blocks and took a bite out of one of my yoga mats. She even shredded some of my yoga pants. She has an appetite for blue masking tape so much that we have to keep it under lock and key. She's also torn up several pillows and cardboard boxes. Her worst crimes were destroying my passport and my Mini Cooper. Yes, she ate my Mini Cooper.  And yet, this criminal roams freely, gets a free lunch and reigns Princess. What can I say? The justice system is weak in our house.

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4 comments on “The Happy Criminal”

  1. THAT innocent face? Nooooo way!! PS, she's right on par with Bart/Gizmo. Their biggest achievement was the down comforter and dog bed while Mr. RottRover was sleeping. Inside snow!!

  2. So innocent looking, but I know this look!

    Our first dog "Lulu" was a husky-spinger spaniel mix - but she clearly had a husky face. And she looked just as innocent as your criminal. Her record was somewhat less lengthy, but highlights included: eating/trashing the seat in our Datsun pickup (twice) plus taking some serious bites out of the dashboard when she thought we had left her for a bit too long in the truck and coming home one day finding her in the pantry surrounds by trashed baking flour and everything else she could reach - she seemed quite proud of her accomplishment as the price for leaving her alone all day!

    Plus a wandering off for a couple of days a few times that had us frantic..

    But she was a real sweetheart and it was a terrible loss she she finally passed.

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