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Year: 2015

Cracker Versus Crow

It was a beautiful morning. The dogs and I made our rounds around the property doing our daily chores. I cleaned the dog yard while Juno hunted for moles. Loki ran his daily perimeter check and implemented his standard pre-emptive strike, barking along the fence line to warn away any critters creeping too closely. The […]

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It Never Rains in California

And Siberian huskies always wait for their bi-peds.

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A Day in the Life

The day starts out innocently enough. I get up, do a few light chores, prepare my daily pills and sit at my computer, already exhausted from the morning chores. After receiving their fair share of my buttered toast, Juno starts to goose me. "It's time to go walkies, now," she tells me with a sparkle in […]

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Economizing Gut Health and Dog Treats: Part 2

"Hey mom! Do you need a working dog to help in the kitchen? I think you do." Welcome back to saving your gut and your money while making delicious dog treats! 

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Economizing Gut Health and Dog Treats: Part 1

What do you mean, Poppy says you can’t buy us anymore treats? What did we ever do to him to deserve that kind of punishment? I know what you’re wondering Internet: What does economizing, gut health and dog treats all have in common? Hold on to your hats because I’m about to show you how […]

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This Side of Normal

  I've been thinking a lot about returning to normal lately and constantly wondering what normal will be for me in recovery. After all, I haven't really been "normal" in a decade. I think the first thing people wonder about someone who's gone undiagnosed with a chronic disease for as long as I have, or […]

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