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Wine Goals

Wine Goals

January 23, 2016
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Wine Goals - 335/365

"My number one goal is to get my patients drinking again," said my Lyme doctor.

You gotta love doctors who have their priorities straight. It's surreal to be wine-less for the past three years. When you're sick and your liver is on overdrive processing numerous drugs and toxins daily, alcohol is the furthest thing from your desires. The other day, I saw Mr. Wild Dingo's open bottle of wine and I got that familiar feeling of how good a full-bodied Barolo would feel. I think my liver must be doing pretty well if I'm able to visualize drinking again. I'm crossing my fingers this is the year I go off meds for good. Even the pups are hoping their mom can go back to being a wino. I'm way more fun that way.

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4 comments on “Wine Goals”

  1. I know this space well. My wife and I have not had wine for two years as of about last week. After my wife had to quit, due to her lyme++++, I found having wine by myself unappealing after continuing to drink wine for about a week or ten days after she had to quit.

    I am visiting one of her lyme++++ doctors tomorrow and plan to ask if maybe one glass a week would be OK at this stage of recovery (which is not great, but she has been MUCH worse). I suspect her doctor will say no, but it seems worth a try..

    And as usual Loki and Juno look "ready"!

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