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Cracker Calming Techniques

Cracker Calming Techniques

February 21, 2016
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"A little FIR for my furs is just what the doctor ordered."  -  361/365

Far Infrared rays + negative ions + calming energy of Amethyst crystals of the Bio Amethyst Mat are all that it takes to calm a cracker. For five minutes. He literally believes that this mat, that my doctor suggested I get for pain relief, is his new bed. He made a big stink when I had to give the loaner mat back, herding Mr. Wild Dingo to the car and crying when he put it inside the trunk. Good thing I bought one for me, err, I mean, him.


Sure, he loves the Biomat, but nothing melts away a cracker's stress like the Tingler, from his head all the way to his toseies. - 363/365


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