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TPLO for the Cracker

TPLO for the Cracker

April 11, 2016
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Well, it's official. The cracker has actually torn his cruciate ligament and not just strained it. I think early on it was hard to tell because he'd get better at times. But I had a feeling it would go this way.

We've been trying to ice it to keep inflammation and pain down but it's not that helpful.


"Hey Daddy-O. What's the deal-ee-oh with this contraption on your buns of steal? It's nothing like my Ice Princess Cape. Does it at least turn you into a super hero or more like a super cracker?"


"Mom! Juicy's making fun of my apple bottom! Tell her to stop!"
"Geeze Big Boy, I'm only sassin' woo! Take it easy!"


This is how the cracker took the news. Politely as always. NOT. He did allow the nice dogtor at SAGE to feel his knee and play around with it. He also had the vet techs wrapped around his paw as they oooo'd and ah'd over how pretty he is. Totally.


Thursday he goes in for surgery. Sssh! Don't anyone tell the cracker about the 12 weeks of, well, not acting like a cracker.


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3 comments on “TPLO for the Cracker”

  1. Oh dear, that is too bad. We don't envy you or the Cracker Boy those 12 weeks. All the best for a successful surgery and a good recovery.

  2. I've been keeping up with Loki on Facebook, so this isn't a surprise, but I'm still sad he tore it. Poor guy. I love the way he lays with his legs crossed. He is so cute!!

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