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Brute Force Peace Keeper

Brute Force Peace Keeper

December 19, 2016
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This dog. This dog loves his mommy no matter what she does.

Scott pulled a prank on my Lyme brain Sunday morning while wrapping presents. Since we desperately need some humor in this house, I laughed and scolded him while girlie-slapping his arm and nudging his wine-belly. Loki, being the police dog that he is, broke up the action. You would think the high prey-drive dog would go after the one dishing out the violence. Instead, he clamored up onto Scott’s arm and hollered in his face. "Stop your teasin' Pop!"  He doesn’t like anyone provoking his Momma. That’s my boy. Everyone knows you should respect the cookie jar guardian! We all had a good laugh at the cracker’s expense. Santa Paws is going to be extra generous with my loyal guardian this year.

Paws crossed for Santa Paws!


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