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Happy Juicy-versary

Happy Juicy-versary

September 5, 2018
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Hello readers! I know. I know. Woo think I would furgit my favorite criminal's anniversary? Pshaw! Nefur! We had a lovely anniversary celebration at one of Juicy's favorite training locations when she was a wee puppy, the beach. It was lovely reminiscing all the times she took off from a down stay with the cracker in hot pursuit. Remember all the times egged-on Loki to  prank all the other wee pups? Yes, that's my Juicy, always full of giggles and creative mischief.  

Among "Juciy" we also call her "liquid dog" for her unique ability to drape her body over the most uncomfortable looking spots, sound asleep dreaming of hot malamutes, long sled runs and juicy bones.

Juno brings a different element to our house that lightens up the seriousness that the cracker brings. She's been the balance we've always needed in our lives.  Ten years have flown by in a whirlwind. From her early days as a pup, to crazy health scares, to adventures in another country, to adventures back home. She's been a joy to shepherd through life teaching her how to be the very best representation of a well-behaved husky, if there ever is such a thing.  Bonding with a dog, forging an unconscious connection to them and guiding them to be the best versions of themselves can be a tumultuous process. (Just ask Loki.)  Juno has made that entire process a breeze for me. She's taught me that while herding dogs are certainly more "plug and play," they aren't the only ones capable of working with you. Juno's taught me to respect her own knowledge, her own perspective and her own needs and desires so I can respond in ways that build her up and guide her to the right decisions every time. Even with her rap sheet of 87,462 crimes of mastications, I still consider her "my easy dog." And yet, this easy dog has given me even more skills to confidently build on my process, and adapt it for each dog. If it's one thing Juno has taught me: every dog is different. Every relationship with a dog is different. Each relationship offers a new opportunity to understand human-dog relationships even better. It's a constant learning experience to practice  reaching the ones you love with fair and consistent communication.  I'm not perfect. Juno never expects me to be perfect and if you watch your dog closely, you'll see  they don't expect you to be perfect, either.

Happy Juicy-versary baby girl!  We love you to the moon and back.  Kisses kisses!



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9 comments on “Happy Juicy-versary”

  1. Wonderful!

    Our 1/2 husky was our sweetest dog, if not the most well behaved. We miss her even today..

    Getting to know "Juicy" through your posts has often brought our semi-husky back to mind, but has also been insightful about relationships with dogs.

    Please keep the posts going, they brighten my day!

  2. Juno Juicy girl..and we love being a part of your life as imperfect pals. Everyone needs a Juicy in their life. Happy 10 ?

  3. Happy Juno-versary. We are so far behind with blogs but we couldn't miss wishing Juno a great day of mastication's and anything else the beautiful girl could wish for.
    Khumbu, Rita and Arko

  4. Happy Junoversary! She's trained you, Mr. WildDingo, and Loki about as well as any husky can train their pack. Such a good girl!!! Please deliver some hugs & kisses to her from me, too. I love her dearly!

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