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Happy Loki-Versary!

Happy Loki-Versary!

May 28, 2019
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Happy Anniversary to our best friend! Eleven years ago, on Memorial Day weekend, we made that big drive up to San Francisco to meet you. I'll never forget what went through my head as you barked your first words at us. While you scared the bejesus out of me with your bravado I saw deep concern in your face about your future. "Who are these people? Will they too make me leave their home someday?"  I wish you could have understood how committed we were to be your fur-ever family. It took many years for you to retire that deeply held notion that you were unwanted. You spent a lot of time finding new ways to convey the value of your work.  I spent a lot of time observing and learning your language until we had that unbreakable connection. Not many people get you, but we do and we'll never take you or your talent for granted."

"Hey, Daddy-O. Happy anniversary! You may be the butt of my jokes but you will always be my bestie, and the one I turn to when I need help. After all, if it wasn't for woo, I'd still be roaming the forest that day mom lost us. Woo had my jodhpurs at every dangerous turn. So thanks, Big Boy, for your constant companionship and keeping me off the path of crime."

"Cupcake, you may be a criminal but you're a righteous one. In my book, you're way upstairs."


"Let's see, I convinced Momma of the value of my cracker talents. Juicy is on the straight and narrow. My work here is done. That is until there's an interloper. Then I have work to do."

I won't argue that. At 12.5 years young, it's the work that keeps him healthy and going strong!  Happy Loki-versary, Big Man. You're the cheese to our macaroni. We love you to the moon and back.

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3 comments on “Happy Loki-Versary!”

  1. A special day for all involved. Four paws for the commitment, the connection and the Cracker.

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