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Goodnight My Love

Goodnight My Love

February 21, 2020
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Juno Belle Starling

~August 2007-February 20, 2020


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7 comments on “Goodnight My Love”

  1. Much love being sent and shared and more
    It's never easy yet it's what we owe them

    I'm sure NAK greeted NAJ - had to compare pantyloons and jodhpurs

    NAK's Mom Phyll
    PeeEssWoo: Hey Loki - please go give The HuParents some 'khanine khuddles' from me

  2. We didn't realize how much she was our constant entertainment, seemed the three of us were always chasing her needs or keeping her out of trouble (Loki). The house is so quiet without her here. Cannot describe what a hole she left in our hearts.

  3. We are so sorry to hear this. Juno was a husky with so much personality she seemed larger than life at times. Many hugs to you and Loki.

  4. Hugs to you all. It's the hardest gift we can give them. Thank you for sharing her life with us.

    -Dr. Liz, Fiona, Daisy, Lucy-Fur, and Gary (the silent but present husband)

  5. Writing thru tears... she always seemed like an extension of our pack....all of whom are over the RB now, too. May they all find tasty grass, nice icy snow piles to play on, and be fed snackies by angels till we meet again. Thanks you for sharing her with us.... love & hugs!

  6. Charlee: "We were very sorry to hear about Juno."
    Chaplin: "Run free North of the Rainbow Bridge, pretty girl, and be sure to stop at Tucker's Everlasting Rainbow Bridge Buffet when you go by."
    Lulu: "I send lots of fluffy tail wags your way."
    Charlee: "And we send purrs!"

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