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Five Percent Day

Twenty Percent. That’s the maximum amount I can do of my typical yoga practice—on a good day. Today was a 5% day. And the cracker? He sensed that. He grounded and guided me through a painful practice. For a dog who rarely has 4 feet on the ground physically or mentally, Loki’s a damn good […]

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Something's Buggin' Me

Something's bugging me and it's not the fact that the bug in that photo is slighly out of focus. A few months ago, my brother of TravelMarx, had a bad flu or virus. Despite having a flu vaccination, his illness was out of the ordinary, symptoms were severe and hung on longer than usual so he went […]

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"Why are you too tired, to make dinner" Mr. Wild Dingo asked. Sometimes he forgets it.

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No Walkies? Whaaa?

“What do you mean, ‘there will be no walkies today’ Mom?” Sorry, buddy. Today I spend most of the day at the doctor's doing my first infusion of the week then running to two pharmacies picking up my supplies, all with a big fat migraine from the first rush of the medication. I'd much rather […]

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Cypress trees in Santa Cruz Mountains. I'm having one of those Lyme days where it is difficult to stay vertical.  You just never know when it will hit you so hard that you can't stand up for very long. PJs and Netflix binging: just what the doctor ordered!

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The Bite

Loki took a bite out of Lyme, long before it was ever a Lyme Disease Challenge! Here he is biting a toy spirochete. I pity the Spirochete that comes in contact with cracker or his George Clooney-chompers!  

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The Trifecta

Since it is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, Loki would like to do his part in educating on the challenges of treating Lyme disease. Borrelia Burgdorferi (Bb), the pathogen that causes Lyme disease, is both horrifying and fascinating in that it is designed to survive multiple environments and assaults.

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Nose Nopes

Phantosmia: an olfactory hallucination makes you detect smells that aren't really present in your environment.  It’s seen in people with Parkinsons disease, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and of course Lyme disease. It’s usually an unpleasant smell.  

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Letting Go

A macro view of the Red Bottlebrush tree. A very close visual representation of what it’s like living with Lyme disease. With Lyme, life becomes so focused and minute tossed around with a bit of chaos. Recovery becomes a full-time job with 100% focus. So much so, I had to let go of my old […]

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Rule Breaker

“Don’t shoot down on flowers,” say the experts.  Rule Breaker.

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