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I'm not the same woman he married 15 years ago. We blissfully started our lives together as an active, social couple who enjoyed the outdoors. Neither of us could have foreseen the endless health challenges that would completely turn me into quite the opposite. But we face them together and he's been a rock through […]

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We mailed in our votes yesterday. I found this chilling, foreshadowing quote from Former Supreme Court Justice David Souter (a non conservative judge appointed by Republican President George H. Bush) on civic ignorance in 2012:

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Fire on Loma Prieta

Creepy. Filled with dread and oh so terrifying. I had just got back from the dog walk when I saw the news about the fire on Loma Prieta last Monday, I walked outside to see how close it was. This was the sky at 3 PM taken with my iphone.  It was literally under 10 miles […]

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Ready for Winter

This is how we winterize. Seriously. All this wood harvested from junk trees on our property. Winter is not a season, it's an occupation.

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Chilean Sea Bass

Chilean Sea Bass! Where have you been all my life? Here's my first attempt at Chilean sea bass, otherwise known as Toothfish, pan charred with a hunk of lemon and a side of greens., topped with a simple white wine, lemon, butter sauce. I served to Mr. Wild Dingo before sharing the price.  Because this […]

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Victory. 365/365 Project 365 is now closed. Its purpose was to keep me distracted during the toughest part of the treatment protocol for Lyme disease. But it did more than that. It kept my sense of wonder about the world around me alive. Those with Lyme disease know just how hard it is to stay […]

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Memories of Mastication Madness

"Hey Princess, remember that time you ate the seats in Mom's Mini Cooper?" "Yah, those were good times Daddy-O. Good, good, times. Think the seats in this blue baby will be as fun?" Don't worry, Internet. It's not my car and I didn't stay long to see what the husky had in mind! 360/365

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Protected: I Like Old Things

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Best Value Add in a Husband

Best value-add in a husband: tool skills.  He's definitely not the man of my dreams. My dreams were never this good. Happy Birthday to my old man. 358/365 

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Halibut with Cherry Tomato Basil Sauce

Halibut with Cherry Tomato and Basil Sauce - 350/365 I know this is a repeat, but it's been a difficult week between massive amounts of work going on for the landscaping project, and just about everything failing all at once, it's been hell. I have a running list of the shit hitting the fan this […]

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