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Lyme Disease Warrior

Eight years, 25 doctors, no diagnosis. Five infections missed. One immune system, shattered. Five years in treatment. Two years of IV and needles, daily. Forty medications, 20 supplements, 8 alternative therapies. One retirement plan, depleted. Thirteen years of life passing. Mostly recovered but mainly managing. This is Lyme Disease. This is my story.


Paralyzed -  253/365 I walk by these dead Elms a few times per week. Though they're dead, the owner has yet to remove them as I've heard he's intended. The elms stand there, not living, but merely taking up space. Paralyzed.

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Some Other Beginning's End

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."  239/365 The lyric's from Semisonic's Closing Time were first spoken by first century Roman philosopher Seneca. Autum is the perfect time of year to reflect on how ending one path leads to embarking on another. New beginnings can't happen until we genuinely part with old ways.

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A Lymie's Daily Crack Habit

A Lymie's Daily Crack Habit - 233/365 For the last two weeks I've been on daily Intravenous Glutathione and Methyl B12 injections.   Don't worry, that big needle is only mixing the glutathione with saline. It goes directly into a peripheral catheter in my arm.  The B12 (the red stuff in the small needle), depending […]

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Lyme Brain Strikes Again

Foxtails in Black and White #2 of three - 218/365 Lyme Brain struck again! This time live on the Internet. Yesterday's photo was an accidental repeat. I meant to post a more recent photo of Mr. Wild Dingo and the dogs from our Sunday walk, but my Lyme brain chose the wrong photo.  Not that […]

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As the Lyme Brain Turns

Juno shares my sentiments on a bad Lyme-day.  214/365 Juno shares my sentiments exactly when I wake up, after having only 3 hours of sleep, with my heart racing like I'm at the start line of a bike race and a migraine brewing.  Thank dog and praise cheeses for my siberian husky who makes me smile […]

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Foggy Day Zen

Cold + Fog = Zen - 204/365 Monday we woke up to a cold, foggy day in the mountains. I couldn't have been happier. The sun and heat have been hell on my migraines. Cold dark days are always easier on me.  So, even though my body said 'no,' I pushed myself to go the […]

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Tall Fuzzy Things

197/365 Tall Fuzzy Things to take my mind off the Monday Bicillin shot in the keister. I suppose these things are some sort of grass.

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I Have No Business Trying to Be a Person

Sunset on Summit - 196/365 "I have no business trying to be a person," I said to Mr. Wild Dingo as I once again clumsily dropped another item for no reason. These are the weird conversations that Lyme brings up.

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The Lyme Disease Clusterf*ck -  193/365 26 months 33 Rx 22 oral herbs or enzymes 19 oral supplements 5 months Rx IM shots, daily 7 months Rx IV, daily 3 months of Rx Sub Q shots, daily Are we there yet?  This is the Lyme Disease Clusterf*ck. Am I better yet? I'm better than I was […]

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Orchard & Redwoods in Santa Cruz Mountains 188/365 Before I started treating Lyme disease, the dogs and I would walk along this road, Loma Prieta, (famous for the 1989 earthquake) for miles. We'd often make it up to some very steep mountain top vistas where we take in some amazing, breathtaking views.  There are a lot of orchards […]

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