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The Secret Lives of Bush Crickets

I planted African Daisy Spoon Petal plants in my garden and apparently one came with several cricket eggs waiting to hatch. I simply wanted a cool flower shot and could barely see these two nymph crickets, as they were no more than 4 mm long and 1 mm wide. I watched and shot them over […]

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Hover Fly

I was just minding my business doing my gardening chores when this hover fly came by. I didn't have the camera so I meandered into the house with the thought it would be gone when I got back but it wasn't.  It was meant to be. Known to "hover" near flowers, hover flies are important […]

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Web Wonder

Same web. Same spider. Different Day. Fascinating little critter.-  325/365

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Ugly Adorable

Ugly Adorable - 321/365 Turkey vultures live all over our property. I rarely get a chance to shoot them with clear view to them because the forest is so dense. We were on a paved road and passed this fella, who did not seem to fear the cracker or the criminal in the least. He's […]

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Occupied 318/365

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Because, Bees!

Because, Bees! 279/365

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Black Friday

Black Friday -278/365

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Steve  - 274/365 This is Steve. I found him when I was raking leaves on NitWit trail. I accidentally destroyed his home. But Steve is a forgiving kind of fellow and allowed me to take his portrait despite the atrocity he's endured. 

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Facts about Bee Pollen

268/365 Woah! That's a heavy load this little lady is carrying in her basket! Bees can carry over 1 million grains of pollen weighing up to .01 grams in each pollen basket (half her body weight in total) located on the tibia of their rear legs.

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Not a Bee

Not a Bee 263/365 I have no idea what this insect is, but it appears to be the molted skin of whatever it was. I've asked the Internet and had little luck. I'm catgorizing this in "things that make you go 'Hmm'."  By the way, this thing was found on the same fern next to NitWit […]

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